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More murder and madness in Chicago

Posted by Admin On August - 9 - 2012 Comments Off on More murder and madness in Chicago

By Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — It was recently reported that within a one year period in Afghanistan, there were 145 combat deaths, and in that same period in Chicago, there were 246 homicides. The war being waged on the Taliban and al-Qaeda pale in comparison to the war being waged on the streets of Chicago and it’s going to take more that Elliot Ness and the Untouchables to remedy this present reign of carnage in Chicago, for seeds long since sown have produced this madness and mayhem, and I fear it will be a growing trend nationally.

On a dreadful Friday in Chicago, in the midst of a city under the scourge of death, a young lady named, Tonya Reaves, 24 years of age, traveled to downtown Chicago to an organization which commits roughly 220,000 murders a year – Planned Parenthood. She was told her procedure was safe, rare, and available. What happened at that particular clinic, Planned Parenthood is calling, ‘an accident,’ yet those in the business are calling it, ‘botched.’ Tonya Reaves, within a few hours of entering the clinic, would breathe her last, and be dead from what is called in the profession, a “Dilation and Evacuation Procedure.” Or in terms more simply understood by the rest of us: the killing of an innocent child. This homicide was committed with impunity and Mother and Child have fallen prey to the leading killer of African-Americans: Abortion. Daily, 1,786 African-Americans are murdered by the Abortion machine, and tragically, 52% of all African-American pregnancies end via Abortion.

The “Windy City” got its name, not for meteorological conditions as some would suppose given its climate, but for its politicians at the time who were making false promises and claims to get elected. Sound familiar? The term for these shenanigans was called, “blowing wind,” thus the phrase, “Windy City” was coined. It was out of this tradition Activist and Agitator, Barack Obama, rose through the ranks and ascended to the highest office of the land. Amidst his promises for “Hope and Change” he has fully sold-out to, supported, and championed the most aggressive baby killing agenda in the nation’s history and a disproportionate number of these babies are African-American. It is down right diabolical that Barack Obama would tell the audience at a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood that he would make “reproductive care” – a euphemistic and politically correct term for Abortion – the centerpiece of his healthcare legislation. By his own admission, at the center of “The Affordable Heath Care Act” is the murdering of innocent babies.

Within days of Tonya Reaves’ death at the hands of an Abortionist, the Obama Administration sent Title X Grants to keep the doors open at Planned Parenthood facilities. New Jersey received 3.1 million, Tennessee 395,000 and North Carolina 480,000 hard earned taxpayer dollars. The States said ‘No’ to Planned Parenthood, but Obama said ‘Yes’ due to his deep collaboration with Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Mill which includes supplying them with the necessary funding to continue Black Genocide. These are the seeds sown in and by the “Windy City”.

The charade appears to be never ending, but let’s look at the Windy City’s new Mayor. Ron Emmanuel, former Chief-of-Staff of Barack Obama, fully endorses the heinous health plan and celebrates the errant Supreme Court decision to unleash a further holocaust upon America. The irony mounts when you consider the fact that the Mayor’s Jewish heritage should make him sensitive to eugenic plots targeting ethnic groups and minorities for population control, sterilization, and ultimately genocide. Wasn’t this done in Europe between 1940 and 1945 going by the name of ‘The Final Solution’ a euphemism for the liquidation of all European Jewry… and others? One wonders if “Reproductive Care” is a similar euphemism for the ultimate liquidation of the African-American minority population… and others.

It is painful, but let’s delve just a little further: within seven days of Tonya’s death, Rev. Jessie Jackson picked up and went to Aurora, Colorado (the first state to legalize Abortion) to visit the families of the “Dark Knight” massacres. Following script, he then held a press conference ostensibly to call for a ban on Assault Weapons. This was an obvious political venture but I totally agree with Rev. Jackson on his call against a weapon that is designed to massively kill people. But what about an Assault Weapon created to kill people you can’t see? Ironically it was this very same Rev. Jessie Jackson, who nearly four decades ago, called for a ban on the other Assault Weapon designed to kill in the womb African-Americans you can’t see via mass killing – Abortion. In 1975 he asked for a Positional Amendment to ban Abortion when he foresaw the decimating effect and the eugenic design of Abortion on the Black Community. It is where yours truly first heard the phrase, “Black Genocide,” and from the most eloquent pro-life speaker I have ever heard. If ever we needed Darth Vader to return from the “Dark Side” it’s now.

Galatians 6:7-8 state the universal principal of Sowing and Reaping, and that if you sow to the wind, you will assuredly reap the whirlwind. In light of this, there was in Chicago a Black Muslim Preacher by the name of Malcolm X who ascribed it to the assassination of John F. Kennedy when he stated that, “the Chickens had come home to roost.” Another Chicago Preacher resurrected Malcolm X’s assessment when ascribing his analogy to the World Trade Center disaster. His name was Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And if you spend any time on the street you will of course hear the phrase, “What goes around, comes around…” What has been ‘going around’ and ‘coming around’ out of Chicago – the Windy City – is corrupt politicians, evil legislation, and an diabolical ideology, which like a whirlwind, callously refuses to acknowledge the sanctity of life and the respect for every human being to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Finally let us look at this quote by a Prophet who often visited Chicago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You will note his words are the antithesis of all the Obama Administration espouses.

“Now let me say that the next thing we must be concerned about if we are to have peace on earth and good will toward men is the nonviolent affirmation of the sacredness of all human life. Every man is somebody because he is a child of God. And so when we say, “Thou shalt not kill,” we’re really saying that human life is too sacred to be taken on the battlefields of the world. Man is more than a tiny vagary of whirling electrons or a wisp of smoke from a limitless smoldering. Man is a child of God, made in His image, and therefore must be respected as such.”


Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. is a columnist, and the founder of www.BlackGenocide.org – a website designed to reach the Afro-American community with the truth about abortion.

Transportation Advocates and Community Leaders salute Chicago’s expanding Cycling Network and the Loop’s First Protected Bike Lanes

Posted by Admin On August - 9 - 2012 Comments Off on Transportation Advocates and Community Leaders salute Chicago’s expanding Cycling Network and the Loop’s First Protected Bike Lanes

CHICAGO, IL – The Active Transportation Alliance, Chicagoland’s voice for better walking, biking and transit, salutes Mayor Emanuel for expanding the city’s bike network and creating safer streets for everybody. The mayor’s commitment to create safer streets where Chicagoans of all ages can bike comfortably is demonstrated by the city’s ambitious new Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 and today’s announcement of plans to install the first protected bike lanes in the Loop.

“We applaud the city’s new Streets for Cycling Plan 2020, an ambitious but achievable roadmap that will make bicycling a safe and easy option for all Chicagoans,” said Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Transportation Alliance. “By incorporating innovative new facilities and targeting routes through all neighborhoods, the plan embraces our vision for a Chicago where everyone can bike safely, whether they are 8-years-old or 80-years-old.”

Active Trans praises the city for its progress toward installing 100 miles of protected bike lanes by 2015, and 42nd Ward Alderman Reilly for his role in bringing protected bike lanes to the Loop. Protected bike lanes use physical barriers or buffers between people riding bikes and motorized traffic. By providing people riding bikes with their own protected space, the design helps people of all ages feel more comfortable biking on the street. Statistics show protected bike lanes encourage more people to bike while improving a street’s overall safety for everyone, whether they walk, bike or drive.

Downtown Chicago has long been a challenging place to get around because of congestion and because streets are dedicated primarily to cars, even though cars move only a small percentage of people traveling on downtown streets. Most people travel by bus, train or foot in the Loop, and biking is becoming more and more popular.

“Protected bike lanes create a more organized traffic flow that is safer for everyone, whether you are walking, biking or driving a car. This is especially important in the congested Loop,” said Burke. “Alderman Reilly’s support for protected bike lanes in the Loop is a major milestone in the development of Chicago’s bikeway network and will make our downtown streets more orderly and safer for everyone.”

Praise for the Loop’s new protected bike lanes also came from business owners and downtown advocates.

“Protected bike lanes will make the Loop an even more vibrant and livable place,” said Laura Jones, interim executive director of the Chicago Loop Alliance. “By providing safe, comfortable and appealing places for people to bike downtown, the new protected bike lanes will contribute to the Loop’s growing energy and economic vitality.”

Cities throughout the country and around the world are increasingly expanding their biking facilities. Demand for safe, convenient and affordable transportation options, including the ability to ride a bike to work, are major factors for in-demand talent, businesses, residents, students and potential visitors.

“Protected bike lanes in and around the Loop will not only improve the safety of riders and further encourage the use of bicycles by our residents and visitors alike, but also delivers on the great expectations of our world class city,” said Lou Raizin, president of Broadway in Chicago. “The use of bicycles within the central business, cultural and tourist district enhances the livability and enjoyment for all.”

Chicagoans can track progress and support other new bike facilities by signing on to the Active Transportation Alliance’s Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign, which advocates for a 100-mile network of protected bike lanes by 2015 by organizing residents across Chicago neighborhoods and building aldermanic support to move bikeway projects forward. To learn more, visit www.activetrans.org/bikeways.

The Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit, member-based advocacy organization that works to make bicycling, walking and public transit so safe, convenient and fun that we will achieve a significant shift from environmentally harmful, sedentary travel to clean, active travel. The organization builds a movement around active transportation, encourages physical activity, increases safety and builds a world-class transportation network. The Active Transportation Alliance is North America’s largest transportation advocacy organization, supported by more than 6,000 members, 1,000 volunteers and 40 full-time staff. For more information on the Active Transportation Alliance, visit www.activetrans.org or call 312.427.3325.


The Links, Incorporated salutes Gabrielle Douglas on winning Gold Medal in all-around gymnastics at 2012 Summer Olympics

Posted by Admin On August - 9 - 2012 Comments Off on The Links, Incorporated salutes Gabrielle Douglas on winning Gold Medal in all-around gymnastics at 2012 Summer Olympics

Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) — The Links, Incorporated extends accolades and congratulations to Gabrielle Douglas on winning the gold medal in all-around gymnastics at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Hailing the historic win as a defining moment in US sports, Margot James Copeland, national president of The Links, Incorporated, declared Douglas’ Olympic journey “as an inspirational story that reminds us of what a gift it is to be an American.”

The organization’s 12,000 members are proud of Douglas’ momentous accomplishment and deem her an African-American hero. Sixty-four years after pioneer Alice Coachman became the first African-American woman to win an Olympic gold medal, Douglas has become the first African American to win the gold medal in all-around gymnastics and the first American gymnast to win gold in both the individual and team all-around. Douglas’ feats make her nothing short of a pioneer in her own right.

“As staunch advocates for the advancement and betterment of African-American communities and youth, we applaud the real-life example Douglas has set for generations of young women to emulate. Having chartered her own destiny, Douglas is the embodiment of the American dream. Her inner-strength and will of steel inspires all of us to believe in ourselves, take a chance and follow our dreams.

“Douglas’ grace and poise, at just 16, has captivated a nation and transformed the 2012 Olympics as much as her electrifying performances. We are indebted to her for showing us the rewards of hard work and determination. She is deserving of a standing ovation for the stellar athlete that she is and legend that she has become,” said Copeland.

The Gabrielle Douglas story is punctuated by the resolve of her mother. Natalie Hawkins’ sacrifices for her youngest daughter speak to the limitless bounds of a mother’s devotion. The support and encouragement from Douglas’ family and host family guided the Olympian’s ascent to the top of the podium.

The Links, Incorporated salutes Gabrielle Douglas and all members of Team USA who are proudly representing our country in London!

About The Links, Incorporated
The Links, Incorporated is a women’s volunteer service organization committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the cultural and economic survival of African-Americans and other persons of African-American ancestry. A premier international service organization with more than 12,000 members in 275 chapters located in 42 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, its legacy of friends providing service that changes lives, established by the original circle of nine friends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1946, is alive and well.

The members of The Links, Incorporated are influential decision makers and opinion leaders. The Links, Incorporated has attracted many distinguished women who are individual achievers and have made a difference in their communities and the world. They are business and civic leaders, role models, mentors, activists and volunteers who work towards a common vision by engaging like-minded organizations and individuals for partnership.

With over 2 million service hours recorded in the past three years, members regularly contribute more than 500,000 documented service hours in their respective communities annually. For more information, visit www.linksinc.org

Simon: Illinois River Wetlands Gain World Recognition

Posted by Admin On August - 9 - 2012 Comments Off on Simon: Illinois River Wetlands Gain World Recognition

Hennepin, Lweistown marshes attract endangered species, international praise

LEWISTOWN, IL – Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon dedicated two wetlands along the Illinois River that gained international prestige this year for transforming flood-prone land into natural habitats for endangered and native species and plants. Restoration of one wetland, the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge near Hennepin, helped bring back the pied-billed grebe from risk of extinction in Illinois, while the restoration of the Emiquon Complex near Lewistown has attracted thousands of American coots.

During a meeting of the Illinois River Coordinating Council (IRCC), Simon led council members and local conservationists in a joint celebration and dedication recognizing the Dixon refuge and the Emiquon Complex. The marshy ecosystems were officially designated Wetlands of International Importance by the federal government earlier this year in accordance with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, an international treaty signed by 162 nations committed to the protection of wetlands.

The Ramsar designation is a sought-after accolade for wetland advocates as it calls global attention to local conservation efforts and demonstrates the government’s commitment to maintaining the ecological sites. In the case of Dixon and Emiquon, it highlights restoration efforts that returned the wetlands to their natural state. The sites are also home to several state and federal endangered species, including the Common Moorhen, Piping Plover, Yellow-headed Blackbird, and King Rail.

“The Dixon refuge and Emiquon Complex are international models of environmental restoration,” Simon said. “By returning this land to its natural state, we created a home for plants, fish and birds that were being driven to extinction and an environmental tourism destination that will attract visitors from all around. I want to thank the Ramsar Secretariat for recognizing the work that’s been done to restore these natural resources and helping to boost efforts moving forward.”

Dixon and Emiquon are two of three sites from the United States that received Ramsar designation this year and join the ranks of recognized sites around the world including along the Nile and Danube rivers. Of the over 2,000 designated sites, 34 are in the U.S. including the Cache River-Cypress Creek Wetlands and the Upper Mississippi River Floodplain Wetlands in Illinois.

To be designated as a Wetland of International Importance, a proposed site must meet at least one of nine criteria that validate its global importance. These criteria include supporting 20,000 or more waterbirds, housing vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered species and supporting at least 1 percent of the population of one species or subspecies of waterbird.

The 14,000 acre Emiquon Complex, which includes the Emiquon and Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuges and the Emiquon Preserve, is jointly managed by The Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Emiquon met or exceeded eight of the nine criteria including the presence of 4.5 percent of the continental population of American coots and supporting hundreds of thousands of ducks, geese, and other waterbirds including the Pectoral Sandpiper, far surpassing the Ramsar criterion of 20,000.

The Emiquon Preserve is a major source of economic development, pumping $1.1 million into Fulton and Mason counties in 2009, according to a study by the University of Illinois. The study estimated that 17,000 tourists visited the preserve in 2009 to take advantage of the hiking, fishing, boating, wildlife viewing and waterfowl hunting opportunities that are available.

“This designation not only validates our successes to date, but also provides hope for conserving the ecological health of the Illinois River and other great rivers around the world as we share lessons learned at these sites,” said Doug Blodgett, director of river conservation at The Nature Conservancy and an IRCC citizen member.

The 2,700 acre Dixon Waterfowl Refuge is managed by The Wetlands Initiative and met six Ramsar criteria including serving as an important example of the region’s rare native landscape and supporting biodiversity including 148 animal and plant species that are vulnerable to extinction in Illinois. This includes plants such as the yellow monkey-flower, royal catchfly, and decurrent false aster.

The refuge is open to the public daily for hiking, bird-watching, and paddling. A 30-foot-tall observation tower provides an expansive vista of the restored lakes and marsh, while a half-mile boardwalk trail from the boat launch parking lot allows up-close views of unique wetland plants and wildlife. These opportunities attract between 5,000 and 8,000 visitors annually.

“At the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge, 260 bird species and more than 570 native plants are contained in one of the most diverse natural areas in the state,” said Paul Botts, executive director of The Wetlands Initiative. “There is a rich variety of habitat communities, including a rare seep. When standing in the refuge, you almost feel like you are in ancient wilderness. This certainly is one of the most significant sites on our planet to support a diversity of life.”

The celebration, dubbed A Great Day for the Illinois River, was held at the Dickson Mounds Museum in Lewistown, but attendees were connected to participants at the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge through a live video feed. Speakers at the ceremony included Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Marc Miller and Ivan Zavadsky of the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Environment Facility.

In addition to the IRCC, Simon also chairs the Mississippi and the Ohio and Wabash river coordinating councils. These councils promote the environmental and economic health of Illinois’ rivers and tributaries. The councils are composed of a diverse group of citizens, not-for-profit organizations, and state and federal agencies, and hold quarterly meetings across the state to gather local input on conservation issues.

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