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Democrats Lead the Charge to Re-elect President Obama

Posted by Admin On March - 12 - 2012 Comments Off on Democrats Lead the Charge to Re-elect President Obama

Urge early voting for victory

By Chinta Strausberg

Scores of elected officials gathered earlier this week at Apostolic Church of God headed by Rev. Dr. Byron T. Brazier to urge support for President Barack Obama’s upcoming election and to solidify their own support for the March 20, 2012 election.

The “Get-Out-And-Vote” rally was hosted by the Interfaith Illinois chaired by Bishop Dr. Claude Porter.

Some officials urged voters to take advantage of the Early Voting program, which ends on Thursday, March 15, 2012.  Here is the link for the 51 sites for Chicago voters and click here http://www.cookcountyclerk.com/elections/earlyvoting/Pages/EarlyVotingLocations.aspx for the County Early Voting sites.

However, according to Cook County Clerk David Orr, the Republican voters in suburban Cook County are coming out in record numbers for the Early program and are already up by 77 percent over the 2008 primary.

Orr reported that during the first 10-days of Early Voting, 6,270 Republican voters cast their vote in this program, or a 77 percent hike over the 2008 primary when only 3,545 Republican ballots were cast.

Bishop Dr. Jo Anne Long, pastor of the New Life Believers Church, said, “Say ‘yes’ to President Obama because I see him in the proverbial question that Jesus asked in the gospel according to St. Luke, Chapter 10, when he said which one of these.

“It characterized the story of a certain man that fell among thieves, and the American people have fallen among thieves in this 21st Century, thieves who have stripped us of our education, thieves that have stripped us of our careers and our jobs and our well-being, thieves who have stripped us of our houses through repossession, ” Long said.

“As a result of this thievery, we have been left on the side of the road wounded,” she stated. “President Obama is not a priest. President Obama is not a Levite, but he was that Good Samaritan that came forth for such a time as this saw the American people…saw us in need and he came along and did not pass us by. He came along and lifted us up through the auto industry turnaround. It’s about change” she said cannot be done overnight.

“You can’t turn an 18-wheeler like you can an SUV,” said Long. “You cannot turn a cruise ship like you can a sail boat. In order to turn that cruise ship and back it up to dock, it takes awhile and sometimes you can’t even tell it’s turning, but it’s turning and it’s being backed up to dock. Let’s give him (Obama) another chance, another four-years to complete the turnaround,” Long said. “Say yes, is our anthem just as the church’s anthem is ‘say yes, yes, Lord,’ it’s yes Obama. Let’s vote for him.”

There were a number of speakers including Chief Apostle William McCoy, Bishop James Springfield, Bishop Joseph Jones, Rev. Dr. Clay Evans, Rev. Dr. Leonard Deville, Louvenia Hood, executive director, Mothers Opposed to Violence Everywhere, Reginald Akim-Berry, president, Save Our Sons, and many others.

Some of those posing for pictures were: States Attorney Anita Alvarez, Illinois Appellate Court Justice Joy Cunningham, who is running for the Supreme Court who earlier attended CPS/CEO Jean-Claude Brizard’s “State of Education Address,” Illinois Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis who was appointed to this Court in 2010 and is endorsed by the Democratic Party, Illinois Appellate Court Justice P. Scott Neville, who is running for re-election, Judge Patrick J. Sherlock who is running for the Appellate Court, Cynthia Ramirez, who is running for a vacancy for the Cook County Circuit Court, Judge Stanley Hill, Sr. who is running for re-election and many others.

Ramirez, an administrative law judge with the state of Illinois and who has been practicing law for 22-years, said, “President Obama will always have a special place in my heart because he did something that no other president did. He placed a Latina woman on the Supreme Court. He recognized the importance of diversity on the bench, and he placed a wise Latino on the bench, and I hope to be a wide Latina in Cook County. I am blessed and honored to be on the same ticket with President Obama,” she said.

But it was Rev. Greg Livingston, pastor of Mission of Faith Baptist Church, who gave the Democrats their 2012 charge asking the audience to repeat after him… “Democracy, pigmentocracy and genderocracy.

Referring to countries around the world where people are rising up and fighting for democracy, Livingston said, “America is the great experiment that for over 200-years we are showing democracy, the free way, is the best way for our people but democracy has to fight. We have to fight because of pigmentocracy, colortocracy. We have to fight racism. Democracy has to fight racism for Barack Obama to become president.

“The purpose of democracy is to empower a people. The result of democracy is Barack Obama,” Livingston said. However, he said the winds of social justice have shifted. “There is this effort to turn back democracy. When you have a small-minded, petty radio personality like a Rush Limbaugh in the middle of Women’s Month calling women out of their names. That’s wrong and then they try to turn back women’s rights and to make women second-class citizens. That’s genderocracy. “

Livingston added, “The greatest representation of democracy on this planet is a half-Kenyan African black boy from Chicago, Illinois who was an organizer on the South Side who became the president of the U.S. Democracy continues of the slave house to the White House. Everybody say yes to Obama in 2012,” he said.

Bishop Porter, chairman of Interfaith Illinois, said, “It’s time to get President Obama re-elected.”

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

The Chicago Teachers Union wins reinstatement and back pay for group of Audiometric & Vision Screening Technicians

Posted by Admin On March - 12 - 2012 Comments Off on The Chicago Teachers Union wins reinstatement and back pay for group of Audiometric & Vision Screening Technicians
CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) recently won reinstatement and back pay for eight Audiometric and Vision Screening Technicians (V&HTs) who were permanently laid off by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in 2010 without just cause.  The paraprofessionals, all of whom are African American and highly regarded in their field,  worked in schools with children with a preponderance of social service needs.
“This is a victory for paraprofessionals across the District,” said CTU President Karen GJ Lewis. “CTU’s PRSP field staff, under the leadership of June Davis, helped these brave individuals stand in solidarity and fight together to restore their jobs and demand respect for their peers. Instead of cutting the specialists who offer our students these critical health interventions the District should be adding more of them.”
The V&HTs test CPS students for hearing and vision loss, which is critical given the District’s student demographics. More than three-fourths of CPS students come from families who are eligible for free lunch. The relationship between poverty and academics is well documented. About 15,000 CPS students are homeless.  Students in poverty are more likely to struggle with poor health, including hearing or vision problems that affect their school performance.
On June 30, 2010, Jane Lee-Kwon, manager of CPS’s Office of Special Education and Support, laid off the technicians citing budget constraints.  Following a grievance filed on the employees’ behalf, on February 21 of this year the complaint was finally advanced to arbitration.  Arbitrator Lawrence Cohen ruled that technicians Tangela Burton, Darnitia Ciscero, Robert Faulkner, Edna Johnson, Cheryl Jolly-Hansford, Sheila Lott, Gloria Prince, and Percy Suggs were “cherry-picked” and “capriciously and arbitrarily laid off,” by CPS.  He ordered the Board to reinstate the technicians to their former positions without loss of seniority. 
Cohen ruled, “The grievants shall also be made whole for any lost wages and benefits subsequent to their layoff.”  The news was met with elation by the technicians. “Personally I didn’t think we’d ever get our jobs back, “said Suggs.  “I applied to 60 schools (over a two year period) and not one of them would call me back.”
Added Ciscero, “The outlook was bleak because paraprofessionals are thought to be the ‘little people’ and a not a lot of emphasis is placed on what we go through in dealing the District—we’re here to help our students get the support they need,” she said. “I appreciate what CTU did for us. They never stopped being our advocates. They fought long and hard and because of that we all were able to stand together during this fight.”
According to Davis, Lee-Kwon, who also manages all CPS social workers, psychologists, and school nurses, has “harassed our members and used union-busting tactics since her appointment to the OSES in January of 2010,” she said. “We hope this ends her reckless, punitive, dictatorial and unprofessional management of clinicians.  This is a great victory for all our members because a win for one is a win for all.”

Renowned principal on a “one man mission” to close the “attitude gap” of America’s black male students

Posted by Admin On March - 12 - 2012 Comments Off on Renowned principal on a “one man mission” to close the “attitude gap” of America’s black male students


Jersey City, NJ (BlackNews.com) – After fourteen years of leading the transformation of three different urban middle schools and one high school, renowned New Jersey educator, speaker and author, Baruti Kafele has taken his “show on the road.”

Disgusted and fed up with the gross underachievement of Black male students at the elementary, middle and high school levels throughout America, Principal Kafele, as he is affectionately known, recently left the nationally-recognized Newark Tech HS in order to go on a “one man mission” of transforming the attitudes of Black male learners, both nationally and internationally.

Instead of reporting to Newark Tech every morning, he now reports to hundreds of different schools throughout America in order to conduct professional development workshops for educators, parental engagement seminars, community forums and male empowerment assemblies – all geared toward closing what he has coined, the “Attitude Gap” of the Black male learner.

The recipient of over one hundred educational, professional and community awards, Principal Kafele contends that the crisis of the Black male learner is much deeper and far greater than simply deficiencies in math and reading. With a national high school graduation rate of only 47% coupled with staggering suspension rates and chronic underachievement, Principal Kafele contends that clearly, schools have failed to identify the true essence of the problem.

He says that as long as schools fail to capture the attention of their otherwise brilliant Black male learners and get them “fired up” about themselves and the prospects for their futures, we will continue to see large numbers of them joining gangs, winding up in juvenile detention facilities and dying in the streets. In his professional development workshops, Principal Kafele shares proven strategies he’s used over his twenty-one year “mission” as a public school teacher and principal which inspired thousands of his Black male students to consistently soar academically. Strategies for developing a school-wide “Young Men’s Empowerment Program” are also discussed.

Principal Kafele’s message is an absolute must for any school, district or college-level teacher preparation program that is serious about motivating their Black male learners to strive for academic excellence. His message is inspiring, reinvigorating, thought-provoking and candid. He inspires educators, parents and Black males themselves to expect and accept nothing less than extraordinary achievement. Through his “one man mission,” he aims to impact as many Black males across America as is humanly possible!

Principal Kafele is also the author five books, including his national best seller, Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life.

For more details, visit www.PrincipalKafele.com or follow him on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/PrincipalKafele

Photo Caption: Baruti Kafele


National Black Memorabilia & Collectible Show comes to Washington, DC area April 21-22, 2012

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[Click To Enlarge]

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — The National Black Memorabilia & Collectible Show will be Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22, 2012 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, 16 Chestnut Street, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This is located in the Greater Washington, DC area. Show hours are Saturday, 10 am – 7 pm, and Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm. Admission is $7. This is the 28th year for this event. The objective of this show is to provide an environment where the public can purchase black memorabilia and be educated on the African American experience.

There will be many vendors from across the United States with black memorabilia and collectibles for sale including historical artifacts and documents, books, stamps, paintings, prints, textiles, autographs, toys, dolls, advertisements, photos, art, political and civil rights memorabilia, kitchen collectibles, coins, movie memorabilia, posters, sports and entertainment memorabilia, postcards and much more. Educational exhibits include slavery artifacts, Jim Crow memorabilia, the Buffalo Soldiers, Negro League Baseball, Marcus Garvey, Black Panther Party, Tuskegee Airmen, Malcolm X, George Washington Carver, Dorothy Dandridge, Madame C. J. Walker and others.

There will be autograph sessions with Negro League Baseball Players. Original Tuskegee Airmen Col. Charles McGee and Leroy “Boots” Battle will be at the show signing their books and talking with attendees about their experiences. Jeannette Carson will be signing her book “The History of The Black Memorabilia Movement”. Movie/TV celebrity guests include actress Lonette McKee who starred as “Sister” in the classic movie “Sparkle” and who was in the movies Malcolm X, Men of Honor, Round Midnight, Brewster’s Millions and many others. Also, the actors Ernest “Raj” Thomas and Haywood “Dwayne” Nelson who starred in the popular TV series “What’s Happening!” will be there. They will be signing autographs and talking to fans both days. Other celebrities to be announce.

For those collectors who want to know more about their items there will be onsite verbal black memorabilia appraisals for a fee of $5 per item. The $5 fee will be donated to charity. This is the largest black memorabilia and collectible show in the country and it attracts major vendors and collectors alike. There will be plenty of good food and free parking. The show is indoors and will be held rain or shine. To reach the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg take I-270 exit 11 and follow the signs

For more information or vendor space reservations, call (301) 649-1915, e-mail Ljohnsonshows@aol.com or view the website www.johnsonshows.com. Follow us on Twitter/ShowPromoter.

Photo Caption: Class of 1894

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to honor Sheryl P. Underwood at its 49th Annual Scholarship Luncheon

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Underwood to be honored by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s Westchester Chapter (Gamma XI Zeta) during its 49th Annual Scholarship Luncheon, to be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, New York

Elmsford, NY (BlackNews.com) — Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. , Gamma Xi Zeta Chapter, will be celebrating 92 years of service to the Westchester and Bronx area by honoring Sheryl P. Underwood, Co-host of The Talk and the organization’s International President, and The March of Dimes Northern Metro Division during the local chapter’s 49th Annual Scholarship Brunch to be held March 17, 2012 at the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown, N.Y. from 11:30 – 4:30 pm.

Honoree Sheryl P. Underwood, a multi-faceted entrepreneur and entertainer is presently a host on CBS’ The Talk and owner and CEO of Pack Rat Productions. Ms. Underwood, a sought after media personality, is also a weekly contributor on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” and hosts “The Sheryl Underwood Show” on Jamie Foxx’s “The Foxxhole,” airing on Sirius and XM satellite radio.

During Underwood’s tenure as Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s President she has continued to champion the organization partnerships with The March of Dimes, March for Babies initiative, Black Women’s health Imperative and the American Diabetes Association just to name a few.

The March of Dimes Northern Westchester Metro Division will also be recognized at the March 17th luncheon at the Doubletree Hotel. The March of Dimes and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. have a cooperative program called Stork’s Nest®. The program was launched nationally in 1972 and offers education for expectant mothers, as well as necessary maternity items and educational sessions covering prenatal care.

Gamma Xi Zeta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. will also grant scholarships and book awards to several of the Westchester’s brightest high school seniors: Briana Peebles (White Plains High School), Aiyana Crews (Saint Catherine Academy), Shahara Ingram (Roosevelt High School), Desiree Eason (The Harvey School), Yumiko Phillips (Portchester High School), Stephanie Gil (Peekskill High School), and Rahsaan E. Simmonds (Briarcliff High School).

The group is excited to welcome WPIX anchorman Jay Dow as master of ceremonies for the afternoon.

For more details, visit:

Photo Caption: Sheryl P. Underwood, International Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and Co-Host of “The Talk” on CBS.


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