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Madigan sues auto parts company for defrauding consumers

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Springfield, IL – Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed suit against a central Illinois company for selling consumers aftermarket auto parts online that were damaged, the wrong parts or never shipped at all.

Madigan filed the lawsuit in Macon County Circuit Court against Pershing Auto Body Parts, and co-owners Kevin W. Sliney and Matthew W. Sliney, all of Warrensburg, Ill.

“Anyone can set up shop on the Internet,” Madigan said. “That’s why it’s so important to ensure you’re working with a reputable company. Check to see if any complaints have been filed against the company with my office’s Consumer Fraud Bureau or the Better Business Bureau before making any significant purchasing decisions.”

Madigan said Pershing Auto Body sold car parts on third-party bidding sites, such as eBay, to consumers for prices ranging from $50 to $1,000. Her lawsuit alleges consumers who received wrong or broken parts never received refunds. In some instances, consumers never received their orders at all.

Nearly 40 consumers nationwide, including Illinois consumers living in Cook, Cumberland, DeKalb, DuPage, Fulton, Kankakee, Kane, Macon, McHenry and Rock Island counties, filed complaints with Madigan’s office against Pershing Auto Body. In addition, the Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois has received 92 complaints. In total, consumers reported losing more than $14,000, Madigan said.

Madigan is asking the court to ban the defendants from the business of selling auto parts online. The suit also seeks to cancel pending contracts with consumers, obtain restitution for affected consumers and impose civil penalties on the defendants.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Van Hise is handling the case for Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureau.

Campaign for Better Health Care names State Journal-Register's Dean Olsen "2011 Investigative Journalist of the Year"

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 2011 Award Recognizes Investigation of Insurance Industry Abuses in Health Care
Chicago, IL – The Campaign for Better Health Care (CBHC) announced today that Dean Olsen, staff writer at the State Journal-Register in Springfield, has won the 2011 Investigative Reporter of the Year Award.  The award will be presented at CBHC’s 2011 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, December 6, at Hermann Hall on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (3241 S. Federal, Chicago) at 11AM.
The Campaign for Better Health Care is Illinois’ largest grassroots and consumer health care advocacy organization.  Since 1989, CBHC has worked to improve the system of health care to provide quality, affordable health care for all.  The annual Investigative Reporter of the Year award is given to the reporter who most successfully brings attention to the nuances of health care policy that impact the creation of such a system.
“Dean has consistently provided balanced, direct, and focused health care reporting to the readers of the State Journal-Register, helping them understand this tremendous law,” said Jim Duffett, Executive Director for the Campaign for Better Health Care.  “All we ever ask from any reporter is to have a balanced and fair story, and to push and question our position at the same level as with the opposing view.  There has never been a time that Mr. Olsen at the Springfield Journal-Register has ever violated that journalistic principle. This is what true journalism is all about, especially with today’s political polarized news reporting environment,” stressed Duffett.  Kathleen Duffy, CBHC’s Communications Organizer, added, “We were greatly impressed by, and appreciative of, his reporting about the influence of insurance industry contributions on health care policy.  This is information that all Illinoisans need to consider as we work to implement the Affordable Care Act in our state.” 
Said Olsen, “I’m flattered by CBHC’s award and appreciate the recognition at a time when resources for in-depth reporting at newspapers everywhere are stretched. This award tells me that I should continue doing what I try to do every day as a journalist — to afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted and shine light on the truth.”  He continued,  “I appreciate the role that the Campaign for Better Health Care fills in being an advocate for everyday consumers on health-care issues to counterbalance the power wielded by corporate interests. And I’m thankful to Executive Director Jim Duffett for his willingness to be available at all hours of the day or night — and to participate in The State Journal-Register’s Health-Care Roundtable. His hard work, candor and command of the issues make it easier for me to include the Campaign’s perspective in my coverage.”

Better Business Bureau warning: Beware of fraudulent Dear Santa websites

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(A Message from the Better Business Bureau)                                                          



Chicago, IL- More than 60 domain names are registered in the name of Santa Claus, offering children a wide range of opportunities to email St. Nick. Sadly, some of the websites aren’t always so trustworthy and can potentially be a dangerous way to share personal information. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is advising parents to do their homework before letting their child write to Santa this holiday season.  


Letters to Santa may seem innocent and fun, but it is very important for adults to carefully review websites to determine who is seeking information, how it will be used and whether it will be shared with third parties.


“Writing Santa is a favorite tradition for many families,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and northern Illinois. “Unfortunately, some of these Santa sites do not have the best intentions, and will misuse information handed over by children.”


All websites directed to children – or websites designed with a special children’s section – should have a privacy policy that explains the site’s information collection practices. The privacy policy should include the name of the company and the company’s complete contact information.  


It should also state whether the company shares information with third parties, including advertisers, and whether the company publicly discloses the information or retains the information for any future purpose.  


The BBB offers the following ‘Dear Santa’ site review tips:


Check to see what they are seeking. Websites directed at children should not ask a child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity.


Limit the personal information children share online and omit physical addresses. In many cases, there really shouldn’t be a need to share this information. Instead, provide just a first name and email address.


Check websites for unwelcome content. Some sites are geared toward adults and may contain language or advertising adults may not want children to see.


Check the links. Since hyperlinks can allow children to move seamlessly from one site to another, investigate the hyperlinks to assure children don’t access inappropriate content.  


For more business information you can trust, visit www.bbb.org 

Texas Preacher to youth: ‘God needs you, now’ Sees a big 'shift' for Saint Sabina

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By Chinta Strausberg


Pastor Patrick E. Winfield, II, associate Pastor at The Potters House of Texas, gave a warning Sunday to youth that God needs them now and that while some of them believe they are all in the know, they aren’t and that the devil is operating in a “hyper-mode” so he can destroy and kill them.

Preaching at Saint Sabina Church, the young and dynamic Pastor, who is the father of three sons, began his sermon quoting from 1 Peter 5:5: “Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you.”

He told the youth in the congregation: “There is going to be a proper time when you are going to be exalted. What you do now will determine if you are ready when your time comes but your time is coming,” Winfield said.

Saying God cares for them, Winfield warned them: “Be sober minded. Be watchful. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour, someone who is going to give him some inroads, someone who is going to give him an opportunity.”

Speaking on the topic “The Pain of Becoming,” Winfield said being a teen today is a very interesting period that consist of a time of change, a time of transformation and a time of transition. Teens, he said want their independence and to be free “without any responsibility…you want your freedom.”

Mimicking some teens in this state of mind, Winfield said, “I want to come when I want to come. I don’t want a curfew. I want to talk on my phone until I’m ready to get off. I want to text. I want to text while I’m at home. I want to text while I’m in school. I want to text while I’m in the cafeteria. I want to text all day long because that’s what I do. That’s what I want to do. I want to be on Facebook and be on Twitter and talk to everybody and talk to the whole world until I get off…until I get tired. “That’s what I want to do. I don’t want to go to school,” Winfield said still emulating some teenagers.

“I only go because you tell me to and I got to do something throughout the course of the day but even when I’m here, I’m not there because I choose to be somewhere else.  If I had my choice, I would talk to my friends all day long, kicking with my homies all day long. Why, because we can relate to each other. I just want to be a teen. Why can’t you just let me be a teen. Why can’t you just let me grow up like the way I want to grow up, Mama? Why can’t you just leave me alone.”?

Winfield said some teens want to stay in their rooms all day long so they can be hip and liked by their peers “and have nobody contradict me or say anything about what I’m listening to, what I’m doing, what I’m wearing, whose my friends. Why can’t you just leave me alone? I just want to play the X Box all day long. “Why do I have to have a time limit on this game? Why can’t I just be young”?

Winfield said some teen’s question why he wants them to serve the Lord telling him “why can’t I just be young before I start serving the Lord? Let me do what I want to do. Let me do my thing out there, then I’ll come back and read the scripture and all that stuff and be all holy and stuff. Why can’t I just go out and be a fool for a second?”

When parents lay down the law pulling their trump card of being a parent and telling their children “because I told you so,” Winfield said, “That’s the only reason sometimes we have as parents because you don’t want to hear reason sometimes so we have to pull the parent card, ‘because I said so.”

“Why can’t you just leave me alone”? Some teens ask. Winfield has an answer to that question. “When Peter talks to this community he is talking to a community that is going through suffering, but everybody is going through suffering, not just the adults but also the young people. As the adults go through suffering, it impacts the young people. So go the adults, so go the youth,” he warned.

“If adults are struggling in their faith, so are the young people going to struggle in their faith because they don’t have any point of reference except of looking at people who are older than them which is the reason why Peter said, ‘and you younger ones.’”

“Submit yourself to the elders. Why? Because there is a sense of wisdom they are bringing to the table that you do not have yet. The bible says he calls the young because they are strong but he calls the old because they know the way.

“Where you’re trying to get, somebody’s already known how to get you there and you won’t get there without submitting,” said Winfield. “You said train up a child in the way he should go. That word training comes from the word initiating.”

Winfield explained that “if you are pledging on any fraternity, there is an initiation. You just don’t get there by yourself. You need somebody to give you legitimacy into the group. You need somebody to give you a license into the group. You just don’t show up at the DMV saying ‘I’m ready for my license.’ You have to go through some things, and you will not drive by yourself until you learn to drive with somebody else.”

“Winfield tried to give the youth a snapshot of where they are in life. Quoting the bible, he said, “When the bible says that you need to be submissive to the elders, you need to also understand the reason why. Winfield said you need to be submissive. He said you need to be humble, sober and vigilant. Why? Because you have an adversary. “If you have an adversary, when does he start being adversarial? If he is an adversary to me, when does he start becoming my enemy because an adversary is somebody who is being a contradiction to what I want to do or what I need to be or who God has called me to be? An adversary is somebody who has declared war on me,” he said. “An adversary is somebody who comes up to you and declares war on you, picks a fight with you. Our attitude then should be this. “If he’s picking a fight with me, when does he pick the fight because if I can discover when he picks the fight, then I need to discover when I need to start getting active for God.”

He asked the church, “Anybody like to be beaten up? Anybody like to be hit in the face? The devil has been hitting you in your face all this time and you’ve never hit him back. You never had a desire to hit him back and when it became time to it him back, your excuse was ‘I’m young.’

“When does God expect for you to start living for Him. At what age because the mindset is I’ll wait until I’m an adult and then I’ll start living for him. I don’t want to be Holy until I go through some stuff back here and then I’ll catch up with you up there, but who told you a lie that said you’re going to make it”? “I’ve buried more young people than I’ve buried adults,” said Winfield referring to the street violence that has claimed the lives of so many young and innocent children.

Winfield asked, “Who said you’re going to make it? So, when is it an acceptable time for you start living for God? When is it? It is when the devil starts attacking you.” Winfield referred to the book of Exodus where he said the devil got involved with the leadership.

He was referring to Pharaoh “got wind of the people were growing, his attacks were against the babies…the first born male needs to be killed which is how Moses gets out of his house into Pharaoh’s house because his mama couldn’t hide him anymore. She had to send him out for adoption…sending him down the River” where the queen found him and raised Moses as he were her own son.”

Winfield said Moses was sent away because there was an attack on him like there was also on Jesus. “Remember, there was an attack on Jesus. When Herod found out there was a Messiah coming…that a Messiah was going to be born, he said, ‘I can’t handle Messiah into adulthood so I have to kill him at the point of initiation…. In our modern day, we call that kind of mindset, that kind of killing abortion,” said Winfield. “When the enemy starts attacking a baby at the place of birth, then you need to understand that the enemy is scared of your generation. Why? Because of the damage you can cause.

Winfield explained, “King Josiah was a king at the age of 8. Well, when did you become a king? Not when you are chronologically ready to become a king but when the nation has need of you. I need you now. I can wait on you to become an adult…. We need you now. Eight years old, 9 years old. I need you now.

“When did you start serving God? When God says I have need of you.” Referring to Daniel 15-17 about the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego who worshiped One God, the true God, Winfield said, “When does call you out of your country into another country and call for you to go into leadership, at the age of 55, at the age of 45? For them 15, 16, 17, I have need of you now. Mary, I have need of a womb to deliver my son into this world. Will you accept the responsibility and Mary at the age of 12 would say ‘Yes, Lord so be it unto me.’

“When do you start serving God”? asked Winfield who said he came all the way from Dallas to tell the youth that “God needs you now, quick fast and in a hurry,” he bellowed. In answering why now, Winfield said, “Because the devil has entered into a hyper-mode to try and kill you. “You can understand how much God is trying to use me by checking out the intensity of your enemy. When he starts intensifying the attack, when he starts increasing the things he is doing to try and get you…,you got to know that God must mean business right now.

“Anytime when you have babies killing babies, babies having babies, abortion overrides, where people shooting each other, killing each other…,” he said it is he sign of the time that the devil is out to kill and destroy. Winfield said he can’t even watch Soul Train’s music awards with his sons without turning the channel because “it’s unheard of the stuff they are putting on.

“I can’t go to a PG 13 movie with the kids anymore because it’s soft porn even in the things that you see.” He said the devil “has need of you.” “The attacks have increased. Talking specifically to teenagers, Winfield said, “Strange things start happening.  Hormones start flooding the body. You become emotional. All of a sudden, you want to be yourself while you are in an unstable emotional state. Study when you get some time. “When these hormones flood your body for young people, your brain is still in development mode,” Winfield said.

“You haven’t fully developed as an adult. You want adult responsibility, but your brain can’t handle it. “You don’t understand that your pre-frontal cortex, which is the part of your body that makes judgments, is not fully developed yet, but the limbic system, which is the embodiment of all of your emotions is heightened.

“You increase in emotions, but you don’t have the judgment or the wisdom yet to handle what you’re feeling; so everything about you is frustrating. “You got friends that frustrate you. You’re trying to gain their acceptance, but they don’t accept you readily so you’re struggling with rejection,” said Winfield. “You got your parents who are too busy to spend any time with you to tell you the stuff I’m telling you right now.

So, you’re going through your years confused.” He mimicked some teens who say, “I want to do right, but I don’t feel like it.” Referring to girls whose estrogen may be increasing, Winfield said, “You become more emotional and now you want to be relational while you are emotional, but the only problem with that is that you’re trying to be relational with boys who don’t even understand who they are so how can they understand you when they don’t even understand themselves”?

According to Winfield, girls will develop psychologically and scientifically faster than boys. “So, girls you are at one level and trying to deal with a relationship with a boy on a whole different level so now you got to stoop down. You got to lay down standards…. “

Winfield then addressed the boys saying, “the flood of testosterone that’s coming through your body that increases your sex drive but your judgment area is still dumb. So you are led by your drive instead of being led by your intellect. It does not makes sense then to sleep with or lay down with somebody and you lack the resources to take care of a possible consequence that can come to the relationship. It does not make sense at all but you don’t think about that because your brain is not developed.”

At the same time when they are vulnerable, Winfield said, “in which as a lamb you want to walk away from the Shepard because you want to claim your independence. You walk away from the sheep fold and while you’re walking away from the sheep fold, your adversary is looking for the one who is fighting for their independence so much that you will stop listening to the elders that God has placed in your life at the most vulnerable time of your life.

 “The devil is an adversary. He’s like a lion. The bible will call him an angel of light. He will come and appear to be right but everything about him will be wrong, but if  you are unable to discern that then how can you battle against that? God has given you tools to battle against that. God has given you things, gifts in your life to help you discern what you cannot discern, to understand what you can’t handle yet to be able to rationalize what you can’t rationalize yet. “The tools and the gifts God has given you to help you in this time of your life are called parents,” Winfield.

Looking at Father Michael L. Pfleger for help, Winfield referred to ex-Pennsylvania State University assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, Winfield said, “the only reason why a Sandusky can get those children is because parents gave him access. He had to have access. Where was the man? Where’s daddy? “Do you understand that it is your parents who give you legitimacy….”?

Saying he is an educator, Winfield said, “When you know as an educator know that you have parents who are supportive of that child, you will treat them differently because your concerned I do something wrong , mama and daddy will come up here and have an issue. You’re going to be careful about the things you say. Parents give you legitimacy. “You want to be great? Greatness comes at the point of legitimacy.

“Somebody has got to legitimately help you become great. They’re called parents, and the enemy who is like an angel of light has walked you away from your parents.” Winfield told the youth, “you’re irrational yourself. You’re emotional yourself and in order for you to get some wisdom who are the first people that you go to that the enemy tells you need to go to, your friends and they are in the same state. It’s the blind leading the blind and everybody is bumping around in the room and nobody is saying, something is wrong here.

“It’s been three-years since we’ve been jacked up. You can’t handle a relationship. You got an issue with your parents. How are you going to tell me about the issues I’m having with my parents? “So the enemy will say don’t talk to your parents. The enemy will tell you don’t say anything about what you’re feeling. Don’t say anything about what you’re going through. The enemy will tell you, have secrets.

“Why? Because the devil knows if I can get you alone, you are not strong enough or wise enough to handle what I’m going to tell you.” “When God tells Adam and Eve, Adams specifically, do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it would seem like He was being a bad parent. After all, Lord, you created me. I got all of these trees. I got access to all of this and you’re telling me there is something I can’t do? What kind of parent are you? “He does not tell them that because he does not want them to be happy. He does not tell them that because He wants them to be frustrated.

“In the bible, there is one type of knowledge. In our English language, there is a knowledge of which I know you” and another “I know about you.” In that text of scripture, he said, “the knowledge of good and evil means experience. “He said the reason why I do not want you to eat from the experience of good and evil because on the day you eat of it, you’ll become like me having knowledge of good and evil but you’re not like me in being able to discern because you’re not developed yet you will experience something that I never wanted you to experience and I know the end result of that experience which is the reason why I’m telling you don’t eat from it.”

He told the youth when parents tell them not to go to the tree of knowledge of good and evil it is because there is an experience that you are not ready to handle and you do not know the consequences that are going to come from that experience. “You will never be the same after that experience so there are certain things that God is trying to protect you from.

“What He does not do is to take your will,” Winfield said explaining that God could have come down and told Adam he would take his will to prevent him from experiencing life after sinning. “You can’t take your will and neither can parents. We can’t take your will. Your will is yours.

“We can put guidelines in place. We can put rules and regulations in place, but if you really want to do it, who can stop you? I can’t police you all day long…. If you want to do it, you’re going to do it,” he said chalking it up to his experience.

Referring to the devil, Winfield said the devil is seeking the sheep that leaves its flock in the name of freedom. “You’ll run out but eventually you’ll run back because the lion, the adversary is seeking” you. “There is a spirit of deception that has entered into our culture. The culture says to you that you need to be an American teen. What does that look like? That means dumb, ignorant, play a lot of games, hate your parents, walk away, smoke weed, get high, have sex, just do it all.

“Enjoy yourself because this is what teens do, party, clubs, do it. Do what you do. Just do it all. Just party, party…what ever you do. Do it to the hilt. Just do it. I love me. My Facebook, iPhone, iPad. It’s a narcissistic society. I, I, I. M, me, me. Selfish, I, I, I. All about me. Never about you. “Will you pick me up from my game and after the game, you’re spending 20-30 minutes talking to your friends and your parents are out there waiting for you. I, I, I. You playing the X Box, your mama coming in there with groceries and you still playing the game and she needs help bringing in the food that’s going to feed your tail. I, I, I, me, me, me. My grant, my clothes, my style, my swag. It’s me.”

On the youth’s desire for clothes, Pastor Winfield explained, “From the experience of Adam and Eve, the first thing that God had to do to cover up their issues was to give them clothes” he equates with walking away from God “of you saying it’s all about me. I will do what ever I want to do, and so God says I sent somebody to warn you that if you make that decision what’s waiting for you is the devil.”

Pastor Winfield told of the time when he counseled a young lady a few days ago. “She had been raped at the age of 12. She had just come back from running away. Her mother brought her in for a counseling session. I was not going to meet with her until next week because it was a very busy week for me.” However, one of his elders urged him to talk to her because she was contemplating suicide.

Winfield changed his calendar and met with the young lady. He appealed to the intelligent person inside of her and told her: “The reason why these thoughts of suicide are coming over you is because you have left the environment that God has set up so that you won’t feel like you’re in a hopeless situation. “You have attached yourself to your friends. Are your friends your real friends,” he asked her?

Winfield said the young lady responded, “Well, I think so.” Winfield responded, “Well, that’s a problem because if you know if they are or not how are you putting your life in the balance with them”? He told her “all the things that are happening in your life right now is a result of your choices.

“Suicide will leave you when you submit. Suicide increases when you don’t. Suicide is in the context of rebellion. What’s a rebellion? I will not say anything to anybody and when the devil holds you in a place of isolation, he works on you. “Your adversary has been studying you since birth. He’s been studying you. He’s been watching you.

“He’s been watching your ways. He’s been watching your attitude. He’s been watching what makes you tick. He’s been watching you what gives you passion. He’s been watching what gives you joy. “He’s been watching the little sins that you have going on in your head. He’s been watching your dreams…your visions.

“He’s been seeing you, seeing what you have been thinking…looking at on TV, what you’ve been watching over the Internet. He’s been seeing the stuff that you have been texting to your friends and the little nasty stuff that you have been doing. He’s been seeing, observing all of that stuff and setting up different pitfalls for you to go into because he knows if he gets you by yourself, he’s the lion. His whole objective is to kill you,” he said.

“What do you do with that information”? he asked. “Do you continue to stay rebellious? The country that hypes rebellion up. Trick of the enemy. Even the music you listen to is hyped up by rebellion, and you listen to it and pump in your head all day long. This is what you listen to when you are trying to get rational.

When you get wisdom, you listen to foolishness. “How can you hear what is rational and your pre-frontal lobe is not develop.”? Winfield gave the answer to how you fight these obstacles: “Humility, submission, being sober-minded that deals with your mind. Anything that is not pure should not enter your mind.

“You need knowledge and wisdom in your mind…. Wisdom is the principle thing. Vigilant, being watchful, look…pay attention. Don’t ever go to a movie without watching. “The bible says watch as well as pray. Watch your friends. Watch how they stab you in the back. Watch how they talk about you. Watch. Evil communications will corrupt good manners.

“ You got to watch because the enemy is trying to bring people into your life who is going to try and lead you away from the fold and the lion is out there. “The last thing He says is to resist. How do you resist? You do so by faith, your belief. God wants to use you now.

“Resist the desire not to want to be used,” Pastor Winfield told the church. “The devil will tell you ‘you don’t need to be used…’ Do you realize that the devil doesn’t have a problem with your being in church? He’s here. Oh, the devil can’t be here in God’s presence…,” some people may say.

Winfield told the church to read the book of Job 1:22 “the bible says the angels came before God and the devil came in with them. The devil can be in God’s presence. He doesn’t mind us being in God’s presence. “He doesn’t have a problem with you holding your bible. He doesn’t have a problem with your reading it. He doesn’t have a problem with your singing…. He doesn’t have a problem with that. He’s all right with that.

“What he does not want you to do is to live it. He’s got a problem with you living it because the day that you live it you are resisting him and the bible says when you resist the devil, he’s got to flee. He’s got to get back, get back…. He cannot resist you when you resist him.”

Winfield told the congregation, “If you have sensed the attack of the enemy on your life that you have been dealing with and struggling with some of those things I have mentioned, come to the altar.”

Scores of people young and old came to the altar and prayed. As they filed round the altar, Pastor Winfield said, “You don’t know that the next act of rebellion could end your life, could kill you…” . He told the church because some of them, he said, don’t believe the devil is real and that he is alive and is around him.

When he was in school, Winfield said he went to an Alpha party. “One of my friends wanted to fight. We got thrown out of the Alpha House. When we were on the doorstep,” he said he saw black silhouettes and they were jumping on people and everybody they jumped on started fighting. I saw one go through the door of a car. A guy gets out and starts fighting. “The devil is even at your parties…at your clubs…in your music….

“People are not the devil, but the things that influence us we unknowingly give to others. He is real,” Winfield said referring to the devil. He said the bible talks more about the devil than it does about angels “because he’s real. He is your adversary. He has been trying to kill you. That’s his job, and if you want to win against your adversary, you have to go to another level of submission, to authority.

“Parents, you have to submit to the authority of God, too,” he said, “because the only way the devil can come in and attack your children is that you leave a door. Stop allowing for your children to go places that you have not investigated. It’s unpopular parenting but we’re trying to save your life from experiences that could hurt you….”

He asked the church to stretch their hands towards those standing around the altar. “These are sheep, lambs our children. The enemy is coming about like a roaring lion seeking” them, he said. “ I pray in the name of Jesus that you get into their minds that the enemy has been trying influence…trying to lead them astray…to try and suggest them as angel of light.

“I pray that you open up their eyes right now and that you will call for them to see the truth, to see the reality for where the enemy has been trying to attack, pervert and to lead…. “I pray in the name of Jesus for right relationships. I come against bad ones. I pray in the name of Jesus for right networks.

“I come against bad networks…. I come against every foul spirit, every demonic spirit every spirit of perversion, every spirit of deceit. I come against spirit of greed…. I bind the spirit of depression, bind the spirit of suicide…everything that has been trying to steal and kill the life…in the minds of these young people….”

Winfield then turned to Pastor Pfleger and the church saying, “I hear God saying ‘shift.’ It’s time for you to shift. There is a move that I have been seeing over here. There’s a shifting in the Spirit.”

Then, looking over at Michael Drayton, Saint Sabina’s Minister of Music, Winfield said, “I was watching you mentor this young man while he was on the keyboard and God is saying it’s time to shift into hyper-mentoring. “If it takes a whole village to raise a child, who is going to raise the village? It’s time to shift. Stop talking about what is not being done. Shift into action.

“Stop talking about the young people. Shift into helping them. Start listening for purpose and destiny. Shift to bring back programs that will allow them to go into their purpose and into their destiny. I hear God saying ‘shift.’

“It’s not about Saint Sabina anymore,” said Winfield. “It’s about legacy. It’s about the next generation. It’s time to shift. I even hear leaders shifting. He’s raising out some out there. If you are supposed to be in leadership and you have been sitting there because you think it has already been filled. Shift is happening,” he said.

As the church prayed, Pastor Winfield bellowed, “Shift, shift….”

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Role models sought for aspiring black boys in unique "What it Takes" E-Mentoring program

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Philadelphia, PA (BlackNews.com) — Getting to the top takes hard work and dedication. Trying to pass that commitment down to inner-city kids can be a challenge at times, but the What It Takes Foundation believes it has a social media forum that may get through to them.

Through a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the What It Takes Foundation is running an “e-mentoring” program that connects inner-city boys with professional black men who will serve as role models on a secure platform powered by icouldbe.org. The program is under way with students in the Philadelphia public schools including Mastery Charter Schools; however, more black professional men are needed to participate. In this pilot program, each of the 200 boys will be paired with a mentor based on career interest. The schools will provide the technical assistance to ensure that the students are on task.

“We are looking for professional black men to engage with the boys and stay connected through technology,” said Anthony Martin, founder of the What It Takes Foundation and Urban Youth Racing School. “This will be the first mentoring program in the Philadelphia region to employ technology to conduct web-based training, communication and engagement, particularly with a focus on the young African-American male population.”

The e-mentoring program will support caring, structured relationships through vehicles like e-mail, chat rooms and computer conference systems, to connect mentors with their mentees across time and or distance. In addition, the mentors and mentees will have in-person meetings to help cement relationships.

The boys will meet their mentor for the first time in person on Dec. 20th for the next “What It Takes” Symposium, the seventh symposium since 2009. The event’s details are being finalized; however, James “JB” Brown, a three-time Emmy winner, and CBS and Showtime’s Inside the NFL anchor, will be the moderator. Panelists are being finalized but in attendance there will be high-profile athletes, successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, military officials and professionals.

What It Takes is a national e-mentoring initiative being piloted in Philadelphia and funded by the Knight Foundation through its Black Male Initiative. The $490,000 grant seeks to inspire the young men to become successful, civically engaged adults while also inspiring the men to continue their engagement in bettering their communities. United Way is partnering with the What It Takes Foundation in this project.

An expansion of the What It Takes program, the e-mentoring effort aims to span the social networking, geographic and generational divide between mentors and mentees, while encouraging meaningful relationships. In particular, the program will focus on improving the boys’ emotional well-being, career awareness and attitudes toward school while helping black professional men become more involved in bettering their communities.

“At Knight we are looking for ways to use technology to connect and engage citizens and we are also interested in lifting up Black men who are engaged in their communities. The What It Takes e-mentoring program is a convergence of those two interests,” said Donna Frisby-Greenwood, Philadelphia program director for Knight Foundation. “We hope this program will also bridge generations and make it easier for highly successful and very busy men to share their knowledge and experience with young men who are trying to figure out how they too become successful.”

The mission of What It Takes is to keep inner-city boys interested in school so that they can earn good marks and be successful, while learning how to devise a strategic plan to move forward into their future.

“What It Takes emerged from Urban Youth Racing School’s efforts to interest more inner-city students in STEM subjects,” said Martin. “Students were excited about racing go-karts and learning math, but they were frustrated they did not know what it takes to be successful young men, who could graduate from high school, go to college and live a good life. What It Takes fills that void by having men, many of whom have struggled through the same path as your young men, reach back and tell them What It Takes.”

In addition to teaching young people the ins and outs of the racing industry, Martin helps his kids develop necessary life skills — integrating valuable components such as education, leadership skills and diversity training into the overall curriculum at UYRS.

For more information on What It Takes E-mentoring and to view the “What It Takes” All-Star PSA, log onto www.whatittakes.me.

To become a mentor, contact Dr. Ashaki Coleman at Dr.Coleman@whatittakes.me.

The nationally acclaimed Urban Youth Racing School, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Anthony Martin, a sport marketing expert, is headquartered in Philadelphia and operates a full-service mechanic/race shop and office complex at its headquarters. Under Martin’s leadership, the school has introduced inner-city children to the world of motorsports on the foundation of learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The program enrolls urban boys and girls ages 8 through 18, and is free for all participants. More than 2,800 boys and girls have successfully completed UYRS programs with noticeable improvements in academic achievement. For more information on UYRS log onto www.uyrs.com
What It Takes Foundation / UYRS Organization Contact
Michelle Martin – m.martin@whatittakes.me or 267-315-3831
Twitter @WHATITTAKESorg / Facebook www.facebook.com/whatittakesorg

Photo Caption: NFL Analyst, James “JB” Brown and Heavy Weight Boxer Eddie Chambers among those who encourage WHAT IT TAKES students to stay engaged in their academic careers during panel discussions.

Center for Excellence in Advertising at Howard University announces new Chief Marketing Officer

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Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) — The Center for Excellence in Advertising (CEA) at Howard University has named LaTanya Junior as the Chief Marketing Officer. Junior is the ingenious author of “Creating Your Marketing Blueprint,” which was ranked among the top 100 workbooks for Jumper-starter Entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine, and Thumbology: Defining Your Desired Direction Step by Step. Aside from writing books, Junior has helped to create dynamic and ground-breaking strategic plans for several companies, including True One Agency, Ogilvy & Mather, Stedman Graham & Partners, Grey Advertising and Young & Rubicam.

Jannette Dates, dean of Howard University’s School of Communication and CEA’s co-founder said, “We are excited about the energy and the new ideas that LaTanya Junior brings to CEA. The strong foundation that was laid by her predecessors will enable LaTanya to help move CEA to achieve results that will be lasting and effective, helping to increase the advertising industry’s diversity record.”

Junior has also helped to develop and facilitate over 650 business development, marketing and advertising planning workshops and broadcast lessons for several small businesses, executives, the Small Business Administration and Small Business Development Center organizations, and the Fleet Bank and Chase Bank small business divisions. She has also developed and instructed many educational programs that focused on strategic planning, advertising, integrated marketing, and media at colleges such as Jackson State University, Rutgers University, William Paterson University, and many more.

Dates enthusiastically added, “LaTanya has shared some exciting plans for using distance learning and social media to augment the instructional program for CEA’s participants. Her marketing strategies are a strong new component for us and her ideas for broadening the location for CEA sessions beyond New York City are energizing and new, and will add to the momentum we have already built.”
About The Center for Excellence in Advertising
The Center for Excellence in Advertising at Howard University, with funding from the 4A’s, is an executive education program designed to become the advertising industry’s certified talent resource and pipeline for people of color. Managed by Howard University’s School of Communications, which has the only accredited degree-granting program in advertising at a Historically Black College or University, CEA aims to become the preeminent training initiative for multicultural individuals who are interested in advancing their careers in the advertising industry.
About Howard University
Howard University is one of 48 U.S. private, doctoral/research-extensive universities and comprises 12 schools and colleges. Founded in 1867, students pursue studies in more than 120 areas leading to undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. Since 1998, the University has produced two Rhodes Scholars, a Truman Scholar, 19 Fulbright Scholars and 10 Pickering Fellows. Howard also produces more on-campus African-American PhDs than any other university in the world. For more information about Howard University, call (202) 238-2330, or visit the University’s web site at www.howard.edu.

Black educator aims to bridge the Distance-Learning Gap

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Dr. R. Kay Green, a distance learning professional and CEO of RKG Marketing Solutions, will host a series of distance-learning seminars and workshops targeting improvement and enhancement at HBCUs and public two-year colleges, focusing on distance-learning platforms and delivery

Atlanta, GA (BlackNews.com) — Beginning in early 2012, Dr. R. Kay Green will begin a “Bridging the Distance-Learning Gap” tour targeting HBCUs and public two-year colleges. Following her mission, “to provide quality marketing and management instruction to distance-learning students both domestic and aboard”, Dr. Green developed the “Bridging the Distance-Learning Gap” series, to enhance the quality and delivery of distance-learning courses and training at HBCU’s and public two-year colleges.

The “Bridging the Distance-Learning Gap” tour will focus on the following topics:

* Distance-Learning 101: How to be successful in the Distance-Learning Environment
* Distance-Learning 102: Providing Excellence in the Distance Learning Classroom
* Distance-Learning 103: Personalizing Your Distance Learning Classroom
* Distance-Learning 104: Analyzing student personalities in the Distance Learning Classroom
* Distance-Learning 105: Creating Synergy in the Distance Learning Classroom

Having attained her undergraduate from an HBCU, Savannah State University, Dr. Green is committed to helping minority students, faculty, administration, and staff understand the power of distance-learning.

At present, Dr. Green has instructed over 350+ courses in the online format. She has also spearheaded instruction in Marketing and Management with several prestigious universities including West Virginia University, Embry-Riddle University, Northeastern University, Arcadia University, and Florida Institute of Technology.

She has received certifications in 95% of the distance learning platforms available to online students today. At present, she is currently certified in the following platforms: Blackboard 9.0, E-College, Angel, Web-CT, Desire2Learn, Moodle, University Alliance, Horizon Wimba, CourseNet, Pronto Live, Illuminate Live, and Macromedia Breeze.

Globally, Dr. Green has international instructional experience with the University of Liverpool, focusing on MBA students from over 100 countries; and the University of Mexico’s Dual Degree Program with Walden University, focusing on Latino Marketing and Management undergraduates.

She has received honorary distinction in the Who’s Who Among Academics and Professionals and Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals. She is also the recipient of various faculty awards including the coveted Provost Circle Award and the Top Faculty Recognition designation.

For more details, visit her web site at www.drkaygreen.com

Photo Caption: Dr. R. Kay Green

Cosby star and RisingStar31 announce three special events

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Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — This holiday season, RisingStar31 teamed up with Geoffrey Owens of The Cosby Show, to launch a new selection of on-line Greeting Cards called ‘Poetry-In-Motion.’ Now in production, the company’s developing a full line of cards for holidays and special occasions. Each message features Geoffrey’s magnificent poetry, accompanied by wonderful music and background scenery. Sneak peek samples are now available to view and purchase at www.risingstar31.com

To initiate a year full of ‘Star Search’ activities, the company just launched its first ‘Poetry-In-Motion’ Writing Contest for a $1,000 Prize. Owens, who is a Shakespearean actor and poet, will select the winner from a group of ten finalists. The entry fee is $25 and the deadline is New Year’s Eve. To enter, visit www.risingstar31.com

The ‘Star Search’ campaign continues when RisingStar31 launches its new web-show called The Witness, which will feature interviews with inspirational writers and people who’ve witnessed powerful miracles.

Pamela Sherrod, founder of the Christian-based company, says she hopes to identify the types of books and testimonies that would be ideal for adaptation to film. The Witness gives her an opportunity to collaborate with others writers and artists, and develop dynamic films and documentaries that can impact peoples’ lives. As she says, there’s a simple mission: “To showcase the stories that the whole world’s waiting to be inspired by… Yours!”

RisingStar31 offers publishing and video production services which include book trailers, commercials, documentaries, web videos and other promotional products. To see samples of their books and projects, visit www.risingstar31.com, or email them for more information at risingstar31pro@gmail.com.

Photo Caption: Geoffrey Owens

First wave of The Beyond Sport Awards Winners 2011 unveiled

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The first half of the Beyond Sport Awards 2011 were held in Cape Town on Wednesday night, with projects from around the world rewarded for their success in the field of sport as a tool for social change.

 Five of the 12 Beyond Sport Award winners were revealed at the ceremony, staged as part of the Beyond Sport Summit. The other winners of the prestigious Beyond Sport Awards, who receive a substantial business support package as well as the global recognition that comes with winning the Award, will be announced on Thursday evening. The winners have been chosen from close to 400 entries from more than 125 countries that submitted applications this year.

They followed on the heels of the announcement of Beyond Sport’s Humanitarian in Sport Award, supported by Virgin Atlantic, which was presented last week to Chelsea FC and Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba.

Nick Keller, the Founder of Beyond Sport, said: “These Award winners are providing the greatest examples of sport’s power across the entire globe. They have each been singled out from remarkably strong shortlists and each organisation fully deserves the acclaim it is receiving today. We hope that this will help take them to a new level, and we will be at their side as they continue to go beyond sport.”

Beyond Sport is a global initiative that seeks to celebrate and support any organisation or individual with the goal to drive positive social change through sport. It is partnered with Barclays Spaces for Sports, TIME Inc and UNICEF.

The winners announced on Wednesday were:

Sport for Social Inclusion Award

Supported by Barclays Spaces for Sports              

·         Umthombo Surf Stars
Parent Organisation: Umthombo Street Children-SA      
Host Country: South Africa         Sport for the Environment Award     

·        HL Green
Parent Organisation: National Hockey League
Host Country: United States and Canada

Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year


Supported by SportAccord

·         Australian Football League

For their standout project Flying Boomerangs International Leadership Program
Host Country: Australia

Sport Team of the Year

Supported by StubHub

·         The Philadelphia Eagles Football Club
Host Country: United States

Judges’ Award – Innovation in Sport

·         Eco Sports Club
Host Country: Bosnia and Heznegrova

For more information on the Beyond Sport Awards, shortlisted projects and winners, visit www.beyondsport.org.

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