Campaign for Better Health Care names State Journal-Register's Dean Olsen "2011 Investigative Journalist of the Year"

 2011 Award Recognizes Investigation of Insurance Industry Abuses in Health Care
Chicago, IL – The Campaign for Better Health Care (CBHC) announced today that Dean Olsen, staff writer at the State Journal-Register in Springfield, has won the 2011 Investigative Reporter of the Year Award.  The award will be presented at CBHC’s 2011 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, December 6, at Hermann Hall on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (3241 S. Federal, Chicago) at 11AM.
The Campaign for Better Health Care is Illinois’ largest grassroots and consumer health care advocacy organization.  Since 1989, CBHC has worked to improve the system of health care to provide quality, affordable health care for all.  The annual Investigative Reporter of the Year award is given to the reporter who most successfully brings attention to the nuances of health care policy that impact the creation of such a system.
“Dean has consistently provided balanced, direct, and focused health care reporting to the readers of the State Journal-Register, helping them understand this tremendous law,” said Jim Duffett, Executive Director for the Campaign for Better Health Care.  “All we ever ask from any reporter is to have a balanced and fair story, and to push and question our position at the same level as with the opposing view.  There has never been a time that Mr. Olsen at the Springfield Journal-Register has ever violated that journalistic principle. This is what true journalism is all about, especially with today’s political polarized news reporting environment,” stressed Duffett.  Kathleen Duffy, CBHC’s Communications Organizer, added, “We were greatly impressed by, and appreciative of, his reporting about the influence of insurance industry contributions on health care policy.  This is information that all Illinoisans need to consider as we work to implement the Affordable Care Act in our state.” 
Said Olsen, “I’m flattered by CBHC’s award and appreciate the recognition at a time when resources for in-depth reporting at newspapers everywhere are stretched. This award tells me that I should continue doing what I try to do every day as a journalist — to afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted and shine light on the truth.”  He continued,  “I appreciate the role that the Campaign for Better Health Care fills in being an advocate for everyday consumers on health-care issues to counterbalance the power wielded by corporate interests. And I’m thankful to Executive Director Jim Duffett for his willingness to be available at all hours of the day or night — and to participate in The State Journal-Register’s Health-Care Roundtable. His hard work, candor and command of the issues make it easier for me to include the Campaign’s perspective in my coverage.”