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Illinois GOP responds to Gov. Pat Quinn signing State Legislative Redistricting Bill

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Chicago, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady issued the following statement regarding Governor Pat Quinn signing the Democrats’ State Legislative Redistricting Bill into law on Friday afternoon:

“Governor Quinn, following the example of Mike Madigan and company, signed into a law a legislative redistricting bill today that will politically benefit Democrats at the expense of the taxpayers, and he did so in the waning hours of the day on a Friday, ensuring there would be as little media attention on the matter as possible.

“Governor Quinn has said on numerous occasions that he is committed to a fair map and a transparent process. The process has been anything but transparent, and the maps created have been done so purely out of the self-interest and self-preservation of incumbent Democrats, to the detriment of taxpayers, Hispanics, Republican & Independent voters, and all citizens of Illinois who see their districts gerrymandered further and their communities sliced up into more and more districts.

“If the Governor also signs the Congressional map into law, it will be the latest and most glaring example of how little he thinks of Illinois voters. The map was released under the cover of Memorial Day weekend, railroaded through the House and Senate as to avoid the prospect of having to work in a bi-partisan manner, and now sits on Quinn’s desk. The mainstream media, independent groups and others have roundly rejected this map as being fair. The only voices we hear saying this is a fair map are the architects. I urge Governor Quinn once again to take a stand to the politics of Michael Madigan and veto this unfair Congressional map.”

Institute of the Black World declares war on the “War on Drugs”

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On June - 6 - 2011 Comments Off on Institute of the Black World declares war on the “War on Drugs”

Drug Policy Analysts and Advocates to Focus on Devastating Impact on Black Communities


Rev. Jesse L. Jackson to Keynote Forum on Alternatives to a Failed Strategy


Under the leadership of Dr. Ron Daniels, the Institute of the Black World 21st Century(IBW) is mounting an initiative to galvanize support  to end the “War on Drugs” which was launched 40 years ago by President Richard M. Nixon. The expressed goal of the War on Drugs was to halt the trafficking of illegal drugs in the U.S. But, Dr. Daniels and many drug policy reform analysts and advocates believe it has had a destructive impact on Black communities across the nation. Dr. Daniels states, “Far from stemming the tide of illegal drugs, the War on Drugs quickly became a war on us.  Black communities have been a primary target for selective policing practices that have resulted in the mass incarceration of millions of Black people. Families have been disrupted and communities devastated by a racially biased policy. It is time to declare war on the war on drugs and vigorously explore just and humane alternatives to a failed strategy. ”

Against the backdrop of the 40th Anniversary of the War on Drugs, IBW,  in conjunction with the Black Family Summit,  is conducting a series of programmatic activities during the month of June culminating with a major Forum June 17, 12:00 Noon – 3:00 PM at the National Press Club in Washington. D.C. The Forum will focus on the Theme: Declaring War on the “War on Drugs:” Creating Just and Humane Alternatives to a Failed Strategy. Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, President of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition has agreed to be the Keynote Speaker for what IBW hopes will be a powerful catalyst for change. Addressing the selection of Rev. Jackson as Keynote Speaker, Dr. Daniels notes that “no one has been more consistent and persistent in analyzing and sounding the alarm about the flaws  and egregious consequences of America’s criminal justice policies and priorities than Rev. Jesse Jackson. Therefore, we felt it appropriate that Rev. Jackson once again give the nation the benefit of his knowledge and experience of crusading against a failed strategy for the past four decades.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson will headline a stellar line-up of political leaders and drug policy reform analysts and advocates: Dr. Elsie Scott, President, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc;  Congressman John Conyers, Jr, Ranking Member, House Judiciary Committee; Congressman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security; Richard Adams, Chairman, IBW Board; Leonard Dunston, Convener, Black Family Summit; Dr. Edwin Chapman, MD, Medical Director, Washington, D.C. Drug Treatment Center; Kinaya Sokoya, Executive Director,  D.C. Children’s Trust Fund;  Rev. Dr. Frank Tucker, Chairman, Greater Washington, D.C.  Area National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS;  Dr. Benson Cooke, President, National Association of Black Psychologists; Sanho Tree, Fellow and Director, Drug Policy Project, Institute for Policy Studies; Deborah Small, Director, Breaking the Chains: Communities of Color and the War on Drugs; Judge Arthur Burnette, Director, African American Drug Policy Coalition; Jasmine Tyler, Deputy Director of National Affairs, Drug Policy Alliance; Robert Rooks, NAACP Criminal Justice Director, and, Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. 

Dr. Ron Daniels will issue the Call to ActionConfronting the State of Emergency in Black America: Holistic Strategies to Heal Black Communities. Attorney Nkechi Taifa, Senior Policy Analyst, Open Society Institute, will serve as Moderator.

Working in collaboration with the Black Family Summit, IBW will conduct a multi-year national dialogue and educational campaign to mobilize support for alternatives to the War on Drugs. The Black Family Summit is comprised of a number of Black professional organizations including the National Association of Black Social Workers, National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS,  National Association of Black Psychologists, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement,  National Association of Black Psychiatrists of America,  National Medical Association, All Healers Mental Health Alliance, Nation of Islam, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, National Black United Front, International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters, The Black Farmers and Agriculturist Association, Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions and Black Administrators in Child Welfare. 

Chicago’s new Police Chief vows to reduce crime in city; needs help from community

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By Chinta Strausberg


On the job for three-weeks, the 52-year-old Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy Sunday spoke at Saint Sabina church where he said he’s not afraid to talk about the race factor but he is focusing on reducing crime.

A relaxed McCarthy said he spent 25-years with the New York Police Department (NYPD) and said in 1999 there were 2,245 people murdered. Then New York City Mayor David Dinkins said to “do something.”

McCarthy did. His efforts reduced that number to 450 last year. “In Chicago, last year there were 450 murders. That is not OK,” McCarthy said.

Saying no one has ever “cured” crime, McCarthy said, “The police cannot arrests their way out of crime. It has to be done on another level, on the moral authority of the community” and changing their mindsets.

Saying he is not afraid to talk about race, McCarthy said he was born in the Bronx where “gangs, drugs and guns” the same problems he is facing in Chicago.

McCarthy ticked off several era’s of black history including slavery, segregation, the Black Codes. “What did they all have in common?” He said the answer is “government sponsored racism.”

McCarthy wants to work with the community to reduce the number of shootings and killings in Chicago.

 Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host.

Warehouse workers file class action suit over alleged stolen wages

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Second lawsuit filed in two months at troubled suburban warehouse

Temp workers at the Kraft/Cadbury warehouse will file a class action lawsuit today alleging Prologistix, the temp agency that employs them, has cheated them of owed wages. Workers are alleging that they are still owed vacation pay, and were not given written notices of their wage rate. Workers will be holding a press conference at the U.S. District Court, 219 S Dearborn St., today at 10:30 a.m.

“We worked hard to make sure that Kraft got their products to store shelves on time.  All we ask in return is that these companies follow the law pay us the wages and benefits they owe us.  We just want to be treated with respect as workers.  It’s unfortunate that we have to take this action today just to get Prologistix to follow the law,”  said Chris Craig, who worked in the warehouse for eight months.  

Last month the workers at the Kraft/Cadbury warehouse in Joliet filed charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  alleging that DB Schenker – the German owned company running the warehouse – has repeatedly refused to address discrimination claims including Nazi symbols graffiti’d in work areas and has created a hostile work environment. 

A report released last year found nearly 40% of Will County warehouse workers reported being discriminated against. The report, Bad Jobs in Goods Movement, found that 63% of workers in Will County warehouses are temps, earning poverty wages with few benefits. Wage theft is prevalent in the warehouse industry because of the reliance on temp agencies in the labor supply.

General Assembly sends auto trade-in bill to Governor

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 Legislation creates fund to prevent consumers from footing loans on trade-in vehicles


Springfield, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan praised members of the Illinois Legislature for passing a bill that would prevent consumers from bearing the cost of outstanding loans on traded-in vehicles when car dealerships close down. The legislation supported by Madigan received the final nod of approval today in the House and was sent to Gov. Quinn’s desk.

Madigan said House Bill 880 responds to consumers who sought help from her office after discovering that their dealership failed to pay off loans on traded-in vehicles before closing down, leaving consumers still responsible for paying the loan balance and payments for their new car. The bill would require Illinois auto dealers to contribute $500 annually into the Dealer Recovery Trust Fund to pay off trade-ins when a dealership closes.

“This bill holds car dealers to their end of the bargain by preventing dealers from shirking their obligation to pay off loans on trade-in vehicles,” Attorney General Madigan said. “This is common-sense legislation, and I urge the Governor to sign it in the interests of consumers throughout Illinois.” 

Attorney General Madigan said at least 60 Illinois dealerships have closed and failed to pay off loans on traded-in vehicles since 2000. Madigan’s office has heard from hundreds of consumers faced with the costs of traded-in vehicles after a dealership closed. Vehicle lien holders have sought payments from consumers and instituted collections against consumers, which hurts their credit and results in court judgments entered against them.

“In passing this bill, we are now one step closer to preventing consumers from bearing the burden of a trade-in when a dealership shuts down,” said Rep. Marlow Colvin (D-Chicago), House bill sponsor. “Especially in this difficult economy, we must make sure we better protect consumers, many of whom are already struggling to make ends meet. I urge Gov. Quinn to sign this legislation.”

“In this economy, and at all times, it is important that we act to protect consumers,” said state Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge), the bill’s Senate sponsor. “In working with my colleagues in the General Assembly and with Attorney General Lisa Madigan, we have advanced legislation to protect consumers when a car dealership goes out of business so that those consumers don’t have to pay for a vehicle they traded in to that dealership.”

Sec’y of State Jesse White announces “Eliminate the Digital Divide” Grants

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 Springfield, IL —Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White has announced that forty-one public libraries and community college learning resource centers will share in a nearly $1 million grant awarded to the Illinois State Library to enhance broadband computer access to citizens across Illinois.

“The digital divide prevents many low-income citizens from having access to important technology and educational programs that can greatly enrich their lives,” White said.  “Having access to information allows citizens to engage in lifelong learning, and these grants will allow libraries and other providers to offer critical services that will hopefully allow more Illinoisans to lead better, more productive lives.”

 The “Eliminate the Digital Divide Program Grant” is being awarded by the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (DCEO) to provide equipment, training and services for broadband-delivered education, employment and reading services to the unemployed, children, seniors, minorities, persons with disabilities and others. 

“I thank Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for working closely with us to bridge the digital divide in our state,” said White.

            List of grant recipients:

  • City of Chicago SD #299, ACE Tech Center
  • Atkinson Public Library District
  • Blue Island Public Library
  • Bradley Public Library District
  • C.E. Brehm Memorial Public Library District, Mt. Vernon
  • Cahokia Public Library District
  • Carbondale Public Library
  • Carthage Public Library District
  • Centralia Regional Library District
  • Champaign Public Library
  • Cherry Valley Public Library District
  • Colchester District Library
  • Decatur Public Library
  • DeKalb Public Library
  • Des Plaines Valley Public Library District, Crest Hill Branch
  • Eldorado Memorial Public Library District
  • Freeport Public Library
  • Frontier Community College Learning Resource Center, Fairfield
  • Gail Borden Public Library District, Elgin
  • Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District
  • Greater West Central Public Library District, Augusta, Golden, Littleton Branches
  • Harrisburg Public Library District
  • Hoopeston Public Library District
  • John Wood Community College, Quincy
  • Joliet Public Library
  • Kaskaskia College, Centralia
  • Kewanee Public Library District
  • Lincoln Trail College, Eagleton Learning Resource Center, Olney
  • Metropolis Public Library
  • Mississippi Valley Public Library District, Fairmont and Collinsville
  • Nancy L. McConathy Public Library District, Sauk Village
  • Newman Regional Library District
  • Peoria Public Library
  • Quincy Public Library
  • Rend Lake College Learning Resource Center, Ina
  • St. Elmo Public Library District
  • Sterling Public Library
  • Zion-Benton Public Library District

Former Congressman Earl F. Hilliard selected Morehouse College Outstanding Alumnus 2010 and inducted into the UNCF National Alumni Council 2011 Hall of Honor

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Birmingham, AL (BlackNews.com) — Attorney Earl F. Hilliard was recognized and honored by the National Alumni Council of the United Negro College Fund as an outstanding Alumnus at its National Pre-Alumni Council Leadership Conference 2011 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hilliard was also selected by Morehouse College National Alumni Association as its outstanding Alumnus of 2010. As a graduate from Morehouse College in 1964, Howard University School of Law 1967, and Clark Atlanta University School of Business 1970, Hilliard was also awarded an Honorary Degree – Doctor of Humane Letters 2000 from Talladega College.

A Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the National Bar Association, The Alabama State Bar Association and a Life Member of the NAACP, Hilliard served in the Alabama House of Representatives for six years, the Alabama Senate for twelve years and was the first Black to serve in the US Congress from Alabama since Reconstruction.

He served ten years in the US Congress. He was one of the incorporators of the Morehouse Athletics Foundation, Inc. and its first Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and presently serves as its Chairman. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Hilliard and his son, Earl Hilliard, Jr. were recently appointed to Morehouse Renaissance Commission by Morehouse’s President, Dr. Robert M. Franklin.

Matthew Morrison brings “Glee” to over 850 guests, raises a record $1 million at Goodman Theatre’s “One Enchanted Decade” Gala

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Co-Chaired by Women’s Board Members Margaret M. Janus and Swati Mehta, the events proceeds support the theater’s Education and Community Engagement Programs


Chicago, IL – Goodman Theatre was full of “Glee” on May 21 at the theater’s Black Tie “One Enchanted Decade” gala. The Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony-Award nominated Matthew Morrison performed for a sold-out crowd of more than 850 guests as they celebrated the theater’s 10th anniversary at its 170 N. Dearborn St. home in the heart of Chicago’s Theater District. Co-chaired by Women’s Board members Margaret M. Janus and Swati Mehta, the event raised a record $1 million to benefit the Goodman’s Education and Community Engagement programs.

 (Chicago) were this year’s Gala co-chairs; Gala Sponsor Partners included Abbott; Boeing; Harris Bank; JP Morgan Chase; Sharon and Charles Angell (Glenview), Joan and Robert Clifford (Chicago), Patricia Cox (Chicago); Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly (Chicago), Ellen and Paul Gignilliat (Chicago); Sondra and Denis Healy/Turtle Wax, Inc. (Winnetka); Wayne and Margaret M. Janus (Chicago); Swati and Siddharth Mehta (Chicago); Alexandra and John Nichols (Winnetka); Michael and Kay O’Halleran (Winnetka); Carol Prins and John Hart (Chicago); Alice and John J. Sabl (Chicago). American Airlines is the Exclusive Airline of Goodman Theatre. The chairman of Goodman Theatre’s Board of Trustees is Patricia Cox (Chicago) and Joan Clifford (Chicago) is President of the Women’s Board. Special Honorees of the evening included Past Chairmen James E. Annable, Deborah A. Bricker, Lester N. Coney, Shawn M. Donnelley, Albert Ivar Goodman, Sondra A. Healy and Carol Prins.

Guests arriving at Goodman Theatre walked the gold carpet and were treated to a medley of songs from Regina Dominican High School Girls Chorale. The singers received a treat of their own when Matthew Morrison arrived and gave each girl a special “high-five” before greeting guests. The festivities began at 5:30pm with a cocktail reception in the Goodman’s lobby followed by Morrison’s 6:30pm performance in the theater.

From the moment he burst onto the stage with three back-up singers and a five-piece band, stage and screen star Morrison captured the audience with his charming presence, buttery voice and suave dance moves. His musical showcase began with a rousing rendition of “Sway” that had the audience moving in their seats. He then brought “Glee” to the theater by performing a “mash-up” of the Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” and Gary Puckett and The Union Gap’s “Young Girl,” from a recent episode of the popular FOX-TV show. He paid homage to Elton John, one of his idols, with a remix of “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” and “Rocket Man,” and showed off his musical theater background with a medley of songs from one of his favorite musicals, West Side Story. Morrison treated the audience to a few original songs from his new self-titled album, including “Summer Rain” and “Don’t Stop Dancing”—which included a show-stopping dance break that brought the crowd to its feet. A beautiful duet of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” closed the evening’s performance. Morrison, who began his career in the theater, thanked the Goodman for the opportunity to return to his stage roots and to share a special evening with theater lovers for a good cause.

Following the performance, guests were transported to the Fairmont Chicago—intricately decorated with lush pink, orange and gold accents by Kehoe Designs—where they enjoyed an elegant three-course dinner, beginning with organic mixed greens with duck confit, radicchio, poached pear, bleu cheese, almonds and an orange-anise vinaigrette. The main course featured a seared filet of beef over porcini mushrooms, pomodoro tomatoes, asparagus, Yukon gold mashed potatoes and a red wine demi. Completing the meal was an exotic fruit crème brûlée with passion fruit gelee and a chocolate cherry biscotti on a bed of passion fruit coulis, and a chocolate banana tart with caramel coulis and fresh raspberries.

Guests danced the night away to a rousing set from the Al Sofia Orchestra and purchased raffle tickets for the chance to win two pairs of American Airline tickets anywhere in the world, and three pairs of American Airline tickets anywhere in the continental United States. In addition, Woman’s Board member Nancy Thompson (Chicago) took home an 18k yellow gold “Branch” bracelet adorned with eight round diamonds by Coomi from the Eternity collection, courtesy of Coomi and Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue.

About the Goodman’s Women’s Board and Education and Community Engagement Programs

Since its inception in 1978, Goodman Theatre’s Women’s Board—currently under leadership of President JoanClifford—has been a major force in raising funds for the theater through special events and projects. Members serve on committees for the annual Goodman Theatre Gala, the Goodman Auction, the Women’s Board Annual Appeal and the Community Arts and Education Committee. The Board also provides support for Capital and Endowment initiatives, both personally and through solicitations. Monies raised support all aspects of the theater—including the sponsorship of one production per season. A major initiative has been increased support for the Goodman’s

productions and numerous Education and Community Engagement programs, which offer myriad opportunities for students and audience members of all ages. Through programs such as the Student Subscription Series for Chicago Public Schools, General Theater Studies summer program, the Cindy Bandle Young Critics theater criticism program for young women, CONTEXT: Discourse and Discussion community forums, and a theater-wide Internship Program, the Goodman, along with the Women’s Board strives to engage audiences in deeper explorations of the work on the Goodman’s stages.

Better Business Bureau complaints against wedding service providers jump 43%

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(From the Better Business Bureau)                                                                     



Chicago, IL  Summer is a popular time for weddings, but as brides prepare for their wedding day, the Better Business Bureau advises future brides to proceed with caution when making arrangements.


In 2010, the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and northern Illinois received 261 complaints against bridal shops, compared to 182 in the previous 12 month period, a 43% increase in complaints. Other wedding services also high in complaint numbers include wedding planners, car or limousine rentals, DJs, wedding photographers, florists, and jewelers. Many of the common complaints were centered on the company’s unwillingness to honor cancellation and refund policies after a deposit had been paid. Doing your research and asking for referrals can make all the difference in helping your special day go as smoothly as possible.


“As weddings become more costly, it’s important to review that your money is being spent with a trustworthy and reputable business,” said Steve J. Bernas, President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and northern Illinois. “Before securing your wedding services and paying any upfront fees, it’s important for couples to do their research. As always, free business reviews are available at www.bbb.org


Also, there is a new trend among brides. From choosing a florist to picking out the perfect wedding gown, more brides are opting for online retailers. While most venues have the bride’s best interest at heart, it’s important to recognize the red flags before shelling out the cash.


The BBB recommends that newlyweds consider the following when planning for their special day:


·         Research all vendors. When choosing a wedding service vendor, whether it is done face-to-face or online, research the vendor. If you decide to shop online, start with a trusted site rather than using a search engine. Also, look for the BBB seal and other widely-recognized “trustmarks” on retail websites. Click on the seals to confirm they’re valid. Confirm that your online purchase is secure; look for the “s” after “http” in the URL or the lock symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  


·         Review all terms and conditions. Whether you’re dealing with a company online or in-person, review all terms and conditions carefully.  What is the company’s refund and exchange policy? What is their cancellation policy?  What happens if the company can’t hold up their end of the bargain?  Who will perform the service on your special day? Be sure you understand your rights as a consumer before doing business with the company. 


·         Keep documentation of your order. For online orders, save a copy of the confirmation page or e-mails confirming the order until you receive the item or service and are satisfied. If you’re dealing with a company face-to-face, be sure to get all details in writing, including specific dates, products, prices, cancellation and deposit policies and signatures from both parties.


·         Pay with a credit card. Credit cards offer consumers the added protection of disputing any charge over $50 within 60 days of the purchase. Most established businesses accept major credit cards, so use them whenever possible, including payment for deposits.


·         Consider purchasing wedding insurance. Wedding insurance may cover a range of prospective problems including vendor no-shows, cancellations, inclement weather, military deployment, medical emergencies, travel delays and more. Many policies start at $200 and can potentially save you thousands of dollars.



For more information on finding businesses and consumer tips you can trust, visit www.bbb.org  
















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