Illinois GOP responds to Gov. Pat Quinn signing State Legislative Redistricting Bill


Chicago, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady issued the following statement regarding Governor Pat Quinn signing the Democrats’ State Legislative Redistricting Bill into law on Friday afternoon:

“Governor Quinn, following the example of Mike Madigan and company, signed into a law a legislative redistricting bill today that will politically benefit Democrats at the expense of the taxpayers, and he did so in the waning hours of the day on a Friday, ensuring there would be as little media attention on the matter as possible.

“Governor Quinn has said on numerous occasions that he is committed to a fair map and a transparent process. The process has been anything but transparent, and the maps created have been done so purely out of the self-interest and self-preservation of incumbent Democrats, to the detriment of taxpayers, Hispanics, Republican & Independent voters, and all citizens of Illinois who see their districts gerrymandered further and their communities sliced up into more and more districts.

“If the Governor also signs the Congressional map into law, it will be the latest and most glaring example of how little he thinks of Illinois voters. The map was released under the cover of Memorial Day weekend, railroaded through the House and Senate as to avoid the prospect of having to work in a bi-partisan manner, and now sits on Quinn’s desk. The mainstream media, independent groups and others have roundly rejected this map as being fair. The only voices we hear saying this is a fair map are the architects. I urge Governor Quinn once again to take a stand to the politics of Michael Madigan and veto this unfair Congressional map.”