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Coalition of African American Muslims (CAAM) to respond to controversy surrounding Park 51 Project

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 A Coalition of African American Muslims (CAAM) will hold a press conference today in Washington, D.C. to discuss the controversy over the Park 51 Project.

At the press conference, to be held at the National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW, beginning at 1:00 p.m., CAAM members will discuss the controversy over the Park 51 Project (Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan), which they feel is indicative of a general rise in racist bigotry towards people of color in this country.

In a press release, CAAM said while the issue has its particular and unique distinctions, it cannot be separated from the rising violence against African Americans and Latinos, or the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric and exclusionary politics driving the national debate on immigration.

As African-American Muslims, the release stated, we feel our unique perspective has been missing from an emerging national discussion. We wish to join that discussion by first of all affirming that among our forbears are Muslims who have lived peacefully and productively in this country since its inception. They, and others among our people have sacrificed too much, both in enduring the horrors and brutalities of chattel slavery, and during the long march to freedom, civil and human rights for us to silently accept a return to Jim Crow exclusionary practices and policies that relegate either ourselves or our co-religionists from other ethnic backgrounds to second-class citizenry.

The press release continued, We commend all of those Jews, Christians and members of other faith and ethnic communities who have raised their voices in defense of the constitutional rights of all Americans. We also laud the work that other Muslim organizations have done in response to the current situation. We add our voice to theirs and will work for a country that reflects the diversity of its people and extends full and equal rights to all.

Ultimately, our success as a nation of diverse people will hinge on our ability to move beyond the limitations that our unique identities sometimes impose on us and claim the loftiest principles rooted in our common humanity.

CAAM Will:

* Work to expose the underlying foreign and domestic agenda being served by the ongoing demonization of Muslims;
* Be a voice for those who have been intimidated into silence;
* Establish networks between organizations representing those elements of the population, regardless of race or religion, who are suffering as a result of the politics of fear and exclusion.
A partial list of endorsers includes:

Abdul Jalil Muhammad
Imam Abdul Malik
Amir Muhammad

Asma Hanif
Hodari Ali
Imam Johari Abdul Malik
Attorney Kareema Al-Amin
Imam Khalid Griggs
Minister Louis Farrakhan
Imam Nadim Ali
Nisa Islam Muhammad
Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Imam Talib Deen
Imam Umar Ibn Khattab
Imam Yahya Cason
Imam Zaid Shakir

Labor celebrates its day; 16 Labor Day events to focus on job creation

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Across Illinois, union members of the Illinois AFL-CIO will celebrate Labor Day with a message for elected officials; keep moving forward with job creation programs. 

“Unemployment is still too high across America,” said Michael T. Carrigan, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO. “Here in Illinois we have seen some manufacturing jobs return in the auto industry and the beginning of construction projects through the Illinois Capital Building Program and federal stimulus dollars. But we need to do more. We are depending on our elected officials in Washington and Springfield to continue to pass legislation that creates jobs and encourages business to expand and hire in America. We cannot afford to go back to the failed economic policies of the Bush era or elect a governor who cares more about the rights of big business than those of hard working, middle-class citizens.”

Labor Day is also the unofficial kick off of Labor’s 2010 Election Day efforts. Working men and women across the state will hit the pavement and worksites to talk to their fellow union members about the upcoming election and the importance of electing candidates who support Labor’s core issues; job creation, keeping it Made In America, workers’ rights to organize, safety in the workplace, strong pension plans and health care for all workers.

“The Illinois AFL-CIO is focused on November 2 with our all-out, grass-roots campaign efforts,” said Carrigan. “We have one million union members in Illinois. We plan to call, visit and mail all of those union members and their families over the next two months to talk about which candidates best represent working families. This election gives our members clear choices – keep moving forward to bring Illinois and the nation out of this recession, or go back to pandering to Wall Street and corporations. We choose to go forward.”

A complete listing of Labor-sponsored Labor Day events follows. For more information on individual community events please call the numbers listed.

Labor Day 2010

Labor-Sponsored Events


Aug. 25-27 – James Stanley Memorial Charity Softball Tournament

Aug. 28 – Labor Parade followed by picnic with children’s games

Locations: Tournament and picnic – Gordon Moore Park, Rt. 140, Alton, IL

Parade – uptown Alton, starts at Alton Jr. High School

Time: Parade starts at 10 a.m.

Contact: 618-259-7011, ext. 2


Sept. 2 – Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council Awards Dinner

Location – Belle Air Bowl, Rts. 13 and 159 in Belleville

Time: 6:00 pm

Contact: Bill Thurston 618-758-3513

Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade followed by a picnic at Hough Park (Labor Park)

Location: Downtown Belleville

Time: 10:00 am parade steps off, picnic follows until 3:00 pm

Contact: Bill Thurston 618-758-3513



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade with the theme of “A Working America is a Strong America,” followed by a chicken dinner in Miller Park for union members and their families.

Location: Downtown Bloomington – starting at Front and Center Streets

Time: Parade – 9 a.m. line up, 10 a.m. start

Lunch – 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., $3 per person

Contact: Gary Leake 309-828-7383 or go to www.bntrades.org



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade followed by a Celebration of Labor picnic at Prairie Park with food, beverages, inflatable games for children, band and raffle.

Location: Downtown Urbana, corner of Illinois and Broadway.

Time: Parade begins at 10 a.m., picnic immediately follows

Contact: 217-333-1928



Sept. 6 – Pullman Labor Day Event – On Labor Day, union members and their families in the Chicago area will honor and celebrate the historic Pullman railroad strike that began in Chicago in 1894 and the struggles of the African American Pullman porters against the railroad for decent wages and working conditions. The celebration will take place at the Pullman State Historic Site, 111th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue. Celebration will feature music, exhibits, food and entertainment.

Time: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Contact: 773-370-3305 or go to http://laborday.pullmanevents.info/.

Sept. 6 – Labor Day at Millennium Park Celebration for union families with food, music, entertainment and attractions. Tickets are required.

Locations: Pritzker Pavilion and Great Lawn at Millennium Park

Times: 10:30 am – 2:00 pm

Contact: 312-222-1000



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade, Vermillion County Federation of Labor sponsors the “Largest

Downstate Parade in Illinois.” 2010 theme is “Good Jobs Now!”

Location: Line up corner of Davis and Vermillion Streets ending at Main and Vermillion Streets

Time: Parade lines up at 8:30 a.m., starts at 9:30 a.m.

Contact: Connie Ostrander 217-418-0944



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade

Location: Downtown Decatur, line up on South Franklin Street at Wood Street

Time: 9 a.m. lineup, 10 a.m. start

Contact: Bill Francisco 217-428-3013



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade followed by a picnic at Lake Storey Park.

Location: Downtown Galesburg

Time: Parade lines up at 9 a.m., starts at 10 a.m.

Contact: Joel Hawkins 309-297-0866



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade followed by a picnic in Wilson Park

Locations: Parade – Downtown Granite City to Wilson Park

Picnic – Wilson Park

Time: Parade starts at 9 a.m.

Contact: 618-259-7011, ext. 2



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade followed by the annual “Party on the Riverfront” with food, refreshments and live music.

Location: Parade – Downtown Peoria – Free Bus Rides Provided by ATU from the Riverfront to downtown Peoria for the parade.

Time: Parade lines up at 1 p.m., starts at 2 p.m.

Contact: Michael Everett 309-673-3691



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade – 27th Annual

Location: East Moline – line up at John Deer Harvester Works – 1100 13th Ave.

Parade to move west to east along 15th Ave. from 13th to 3rd.

Time: Lineup at 8 a.m.; Parade starts at 11:00 a.m.

Contact: Tracy Kurowski 563-344-0342 or 563-324-9414 or go to www.quadcityfed.wordpress.com for information and parade entry forms



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Picnic – food, games, contests, rides, door prizes – free to all union members and their families

Location: Machinists Hall & Grounds, 2929 North 5th Street, Quincy

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., dinner from 12 Noon – 1:30 p.m.

Contact: 217-222-0394

Special Request: Reservations needed by 8/25/10. Each family is asked to bring 1 or more nonperishable food items for charity when attending the picnic.



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade with the theme of “Organized Labor Gives Back to Our Community”

Time: 10:00 a.m., lineup at 9:00 a.m. in downtown Rockford

Contact: Trisha Welte 815-986-4822

Special Request: All participants and parade-goers are asked to bring non-perishable foods for local food pantries.



DuQuoin – Illinois State Fair – Aug. 27 – Sept. 6

Aug. 27 – Twilight Parade – featuring area Labor unions, 6 p.m. step off

Aug. 27 – Sept. 6 – Labor Pavilion Open each day on the Fair Grounds – sponsored by The Egyptian Building Trades

Sept. 6 – Labor Day Celebration at the Fair – free Barbeque picnic, music and fair rides for union members and their families. Starting at 11 a.m.

Location: DuQuoin State Fair Grounds – just off Route 51 south of DuQuoin

Contact: 618-932-2102



Sept. 6 – Labor Day Parade

Location: Downtown Springfield – lineup at Horace Mann parking lot, corner of

7th and Jefferson Streets

Time: 9 a.m. line-up, 10 a.m. start

Contact: Fritz Grant 217-306-0836



Sunday, Sept. 5 – Labor Day Parade

Location: Streator Train Station

Time: 12:30 p.m.

Contact: Dan Mercer 815-725-0402

BBB: Beware of deceptive auto loan modification offers

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 (A Message from the BBB)  
Chicago, IL – Ads on TV may promise to modify car loans and prevent a visit from the repo man, but some companies fail to carry through on their promises. The Better Business Bureau recommends that cash-strapped consumers save their money by trying to work out a deal with the lender directly before paying out hundreds in upfront fees to a loan modification company.
High unemployment in the country means that many families are struggling to make ends meet and the number of repossessed cars continues to rise. More than 1.9 million cars were repossessed by lenders in 2009 according to Manheim Auctions.  Some businesses are seeing an opportunity in the increased number of repossessed cars and claim that, for a large up-front fee, they can work with the lender to modify the terms of the loan for the borrower.
“Auto loan modification companies are following in the footsteps of dishonest mortgage modification companies which have long targeted struggling families who are just trying to stay above water,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Some companies may make it look like they are tossing out a life preserver, but they end up pulling many borrowers deeper underwater.”
The BBB system has received complaints from across the country against one Florida-based company, Auto Relief Group (ARG).Complainants say they paid hundreds of dollars in advance fees in exchange for the promise that ARG would significantly reduce the monthly payments on their car loans. Complainants wanted their money back after the company was unsuccessful in modifying the car loan.
Adrienne Lennix-Stewart of Calumet City, IL fell victim to ARG. She says, “I paid them a fee of $297.00 and after around a month I heard from my auto group that had given me the loan. They had gotten my packet of information from Auto Recovery Group and she told me that they did not modify loans. She told me that I had been scammed and that I should call the Better Business Bureau. I filed a complaint and in a few weeks the fee that I had paid them appeared back in my account.”
If you’re having a hard time making payments on your auto loan and are considering assistance from a loan modification company, the BBB recommends that you:
  • Start With Your Lender. Many complainants to BBB stated that their lender told them they didn’t need to pay a company to help modify their loan and they could have worked something out together. Lenders are often eager to work out a more convenient payment plan because it’s in their best interest to keep you paying your bill.
  • Do Your Research. If you are planning to enlist the help of a third party to modify your loan, always research the company with the BBB first. The business’s BBB Reliability Report will tell you how many complaints the BBB has received, if the company has responded to complaints and if there are any government actions or lawsuits against the business. This can be done for free at www.bbb.org 
  • Beware of Advance Fees. Large fees in advance should be considered a red flag even if the company claims to offer a money-back guarantee if they are unsuccessful. The State of Illinois does not allow companies to charge customers in advance for financial services including loan modification.
  • Get it in Writing. Ask for documentation from the company. Be sure it discloses the services they will provide and their terms including refund policies and any money-back guarantees. 
  • Complain to the BBB. If you feel you’ve been misled by a loan modification business, file a complaint with your BBB.

For more advice on managing personal finances, visit us online at www.bbb.org

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