Workers at Mobile Rail Solutions Organize under IWW Banner

The Workers at Mobile Rail Solutions, a specialized truck company servicing locomotives, have organized a Union seeking full recognition through the Industrial Workers of the World. With an overwhelming majority of petitioning workers, the IWW is immediately asking to be voluntarily recognized by Mobile Rail Solutions. If recognition is not voluntary, the workers at mobile rail are prepared to file for a representation election by the end of today.

The workers at Mobile Rail are acting together to address long standing issues of required safety, industry standards of pay, and basic workplace dignity. In the coming days, we are prepared to defend ourselves both with legal protections as well as workplace direct actions. The unionization of Mobile Rail Solutions will also protect the hard won standards of workers across their industry.

The campaign at Mobile Rail Solutions marks another step in the renewed growth of the Industrial Workers of the World, a global union founded over a century ago for all working people.