Women, Say No to Unavailable Men

New book urges women to say no to unavailable men

Author reveals the grim side of giving in to forbidden desires

Chicago, IL (BlackNews.com) — Autumn Girl Press announced the re-release of Single Black Female, a cautionary romance by Carrie Carr. It’s been more than two decades since Fatal Attraction sent a quiver down every married man’s spine by dramatically illustrating the consequences of a one-night stand. However, it’s not just married men who should be concerned, but the women they are fooling around with as well.

Single Black Female reminds readers of the consequences of dating unavailable men. The author nails the message by painting a dark tale of “getting a little on the side,” but this time, it’s the other woman that suffers the repercussions, not the unavailable man. The author attempts to answer the question every woman wants to know. “What does it take to keep a man monogamous?” Readers will be intrigued with her findings.

According to a recent survey, only 14% of married men actually leave their wives for their mistress, which should make the endeavor less appealing to the single women on the prowl. Though choices may be limited for the single woman in search of that special man, the author encourages women to rethink their decision before settling for an unavailable man. And although Single Black Female is not nearly as dark as “Fatal Attraction, the message is the same – stay clear of unavailable men.

Single Black Female will enlighten women about the male psyche, provide hope to the single woman in search of romance and inspire women to love and value themselves.

About The Author

Carrie Carr is a novelist and screenwriter. She lives in Illinois.The author would like to hear from women who still choose to date unavailable men for possible inclusion in her upcoming book. Those interested in sharing their views may send their thoughts about why they choose unavailable men to: carriecarr3@yahoo.com. All submissions should be fifty words or less. All submitters will receive a free e-book of Single Black Female, Alternate Version.

Single Black Female, Original Version was just re-released and is available at Amazon.com.

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