Urban renewal plan for Black America

The Bledsoe Companies present Redemption 2019 and the Urban Renewal Plan for Black America

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) – Many have heard about the need for a Marshall Plan similar to what was done to rebuild parts of Europe after World War II be targeted for the urban centers of America. Despite sound rationale, one group, the Bledsoe Companies, claim that the government has constantly turned a deaf ear to initiate a so-called Marshall Plan. According to them, this neglect of action has allowed many cities to rot from within and thus become filled with crime, violence and despair.

Because of this, they have launched Redemption 2019 (TM) – a comprehensive program to develop the Kingdom Marketplace (TM) which will consist of super stores that can compete with Walmart, Target, dollar, grocery stores and other merchants. According to the Bledsoe Companies, the Black community spends nearly all of its disposable income on goods purchased from non-Black owned businesses and with merchants that are outside of Black communities. The goal of the super stores will be to lock-in Black spending power, while at the same time become an investment vehicle that spread wealth, create a massive number of jobs and initiate economic development to traditionally under-served communities.

The concept of the Kingdom Marketplace (TM) is to provide major retail stores within the urban core of major cities in which ownership is open to the general public through a stock offering that will share profits and wealth to those that invest in the company.

The creators of Redemption 2019 (TM) say that it is an aggressive program designed to be “in tune with scripture and fulfill prophecy.” The principals of Redemption 2019 (TM) understand the magnitude of this program and seek the assistance, wisdom and guidance from those with a desire to help make this a reality.

For more information, visit www.redemption2019.com