Two black businessmen prepare to auction off rare Honus Wagner Baseball Card potentially worth millions

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A public display of the card is scheduled for April 18th to kickoff an online auction at and a possible conclusion of a 10-year struggle

Cincinnati, OH ( – Manage My Auction, LLC, is a professional auction listing services company and is managing the launch of the Cobb / Edwards T206 Honus Wagner baseball card. The card will be listed online April 18th for a 10 day auction. The Honus Wagner card will be on display and open to the public (free) in Glendale, Ohio at Heirloom Framing Company on 9 West Sharon Road from 11:00am – 7:00pm on April 18th to kickoff the online auction.

The card has never been displayed publicly until now. Chris Felix, a Cincinnati sports artist who was commissioned by the Topps Trading Card Company 2 years ago, will be featuring an original painting that illustrates the cousins’ 10 year journey.

“The Card” features a Piedmont back, which few are known to exist. The Cobb / Edwards card is perhaps the most controversial baseball card in the hobby. Race and class division, questions about the authenticity of the card, and scientific forensic testing conducted on the card make this Wagner one of a kind.

Hank J. Reed, President, of Manage My Auction, LLC, reached out to the cousins nearly 4 years ago when he saw their story on ESPN, Outside the Lines. Hank states, “I just wanted to meet Cobb and Edwards and learn more about their story since we were all in the Cincinnati area. I am also a collector and was curious about their story. They asked for my help since I was in the sports business industry and I tried, but there wasn’t much I could do since the card had not been graded.”

The Cobb / Edwards card has been tested by forensic experts… the first baseball card to be under so much scrutiny. In 2003, Walter Rantanen, Fiber Science Group Leader at Integrated Paper Services (IPS) in Appleton, WI, and 4 other notable experts who examined the card concluded that the card is consistent with other T206 cards in the 1900’s. However, Cobb and Edwards could not sell the card because collectors didn’t accept the scientific evidence since that is not the standard in the hobby. However, in June of last year, Martin Brouillard, senior grader at ACA Grading conducted over 4 hours of scientific testing on the card and made his own evaluations as a recognized grader in the hobby. Martin concluded that their card was authentic and was graded an unreleased version of the Honus Wagner T206.

The two Cincinnatians who own Manage My Auction, LLC, will be working with collectors and interested bidders to share all the information about the Cobb / Edwards Honus Wagner T206 card. There will be a video posted of the cousins answering tough questions about their card, scheduled chat sessions and even a chance for interested bidders to talk directly with Ray. Ray Edwards, states, “Hank and his business partner, Andy Stuckert, have been with us every step of the way to help us however they can with the auction. The timing of all of this and how it came together is amazing. We are excited about the auction starting on the 18th and hope this 10 year struggle comes to a reasonable conclusion. We want everyone to have the facts.”

Andy states, “After meeting Ray and hearing their story, I was hooked. It’s hard to overlook scientific evidence, five respected experts, and 10 years of paperwork. Since it has been graded authentic our company is looking forward to list the item on behalf of John and Ray.”

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Photo Caption: Cousins Ray Edwards and John Cobb pose with their rare Honus Wagner Baseball Card

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