The Untold Stories: Illinois/Cook County Court Judges Speak Truth With The PCC Network

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By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President, Probation Challenge & The PCC Network

CHICAGO, IL -  Some journalist would dare to query judges of the Illinois/Cook County Circuit Courts as to what makes them tick! The PCC Network, gives the tax paying public an inside view and profile of 3 prominent sitting judges.

The judicial group spoke candid and unadulterated truth regarding various facets of their criminal justice experiences. History of these judges would be shocking to many as they talked about their ventures to wear the “judicial black robe”. These distinguished black robes would seek to serve true justice to those that would come before them. At this live-taping, judges tell their untold stories as to how they achieved… and the honesty it takes to stay there.

Judges appearing on the PCC Network: Justice Shelvin Louise Marie Hall, Illinois Appellate Court; Judge Stanley L. Hill, District Four, Circuit Court; Justice Nathanial R. House, Jr., First District, Fourth division, Illinois Appellate Court. Judges spoke without reservations regarding Civil Rights and other matters of truth. Truth that many youth and elders had never been exposed.

The unrestrained judges did not hesitate to express their fearless backgrounds in civil rights. They  expressed their histories in remaining steadfast for righteousness in spite of the overwhelming 21st-Century oppositions to appease outside influences and the whims of the world.

This untraditional forum was conducted by Karissa Nacole Harden, graduate of University of Berkeley California. She is now a law student at UCLA. In a leap-of-faith, Karissa experienced her first International interview with the PCC Network, remaining poised with in-depth inquiries.

Probation Challenge, was founded by the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, under the guides of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham. Bailey said, “How often have judges felt the spirit of freedom to express themselves as this group. They are to be applauded for not fearing to tell the gospel-truth concerning the many things that are whispered but not spoken. I salute each one of them! Their courage will resonate and speak to the hearts of those who have lost hope in the criminal justice system”.

Before and after the taping session, there were deep concerns regarding the Chicago Public Schools suffering  for dollars to educate youth, while in the same breath there’s little concern as to finding of dollars to incarcerate. Documented facts remain that it cost less to educate than to incarcerate! And as Bailey often says, “If we educated well, we wouldn’t have to incarcerate. Education brings about an awareness. Awareness brings on the ability to think. And when an offender can think—he or she then can prayerful make rational decision.”

However, while Gov. Bruce Rauner in his State of the State address promised to hire more prison guards, citing “an unsafe environment” in one of the country’s largest prison systems, across-the-board understaffing cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years.

The Illinois Department of Corrections forked over $320 million in employee overtime and compensatory payments over a five-year period, a Better Government Association investigation found.

In view of the incarceration financial findings, it is important that there be a seat provided at the table of fairness for tax-payers and honest judges. Hopefully, all would bring to the table viable solutions.

As the evening progressed, raw truth flowed from the three voices of authority. In the past, there have been substantial gaps as to the lives of judges. Gaps through the years developed distrust for many with the judiciary! However this audience could be heard echoing, “Amen” and “Tell the truth”. Sighs coupled with moaning and groaning indicated that people were being fed adequately—and not force-fed.

By way of the soon to be released judicial document, the public will better be able to put a face to  names of some powerful people sitting on the bench.

Judges who diligently followed the steps of Probation Challenge and the PCC Network are: Circuit Court Judge Mary Maxwell Thomas, Federal Judge Blanche Manning and Justice William Cousins, Jr., (all retired). Circuit Court Judge William Hooks continues to sit on the bench speaking  truth at all PCC sessions. These are some of the dedicated judges who have given of themselves to be of service to the people. They all have a love for the community which is displayed in their willingness to not shield themselves from those they serve.

The late Justice R. Eugene Pincham, was considered a mentor to the Probation Challenge organization. Over the many years (even in his absence) Pincham continues to be honored for his labor of love in the community and the offering of wisdom while siting on the Illinois Circuit Courts.

Brandy Bailey, visiting Chicago, engrossed in the interview, said, “An interview of this magnitude is very important to be viewed not only by the PCC Network audience, but by the multitude of United States citizens around the world witnessing so much unjust at this time. This interview gives all the U.S. citizens that have questions about the mind and soul of “the appointed” hope of a better tomorrow.” Brandy Bailey, is the daughter of the Rev. Harold E. Bailey.

During the reception following the taping, dialog continued between judges and attendees. Many  expressed concern about the criminal justice system. The room appeared to be filled with love and appreciation between the judges and audience.

The interview with judges was suggested by Rev. Bailey, to allow youth and elders alike to understand that contrary to popular belief, there are those on the bench who are genially interested in honesty and justice. Karissa Harden, the commentator, came forth at the hand of Geri Patterson. Patterson is host of the popular television show ’Report to The People’, heard over Chicago cable channel 25.

Bailey and The PCC Network has committed to further engage in segments regarding crime, drugs and violence, along with more presentations about those persons who dispense justice.

This broadcast may be viewed at:

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•Judge Stanley Hill   •Justice Shelvin Louise Marie Hall   •Justice Nathanial R. House, Jr.

•Karissa Harden, Commentator

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President

‘Judicial Untold Stories will Soon Air on The PCC Network’

‘—The Truth Network’

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