The truth about Black males – “The Art of Being Cool: The Pursuit of Black Masculinity”

Announcing a new book for anyone interested in learning the truth about Black males – “The Art of Being Cool: The Pursuit of Black Masculinity”

Lansing, MI ( — Theodore S. Ransaw Ph.D., professor of Education and Black Masculinity releases book to help separate the myths from reality about Black male students. Addressing the challenges facing adolescent Black males, The Art of Being Cool: The Pursuit of Black Masculinity analyzes and stresses the importance of identity development. It helps educators and parents understand the importance of cultivating a positive Black male identity and how this overlooked aspect of childhood development impacts young adults. Also provided are solutions for finding a balance between academics and social activities.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Dr. Ransaw’s provocative analysis of the contemporary Black male is a must-read for those interested in the field of education, African American Studies, gender studies and anyone else vested in discussing the truth about Black men.” — Dr. Pierre W. Orelus.

“Ransaw believes African American masculinity has been misinterpreted if at all, and Black men require the filters of social and physical capital to succeed in a world largely determined to ignore or objectify them-this book supplies practical tips to reinforce African American males’ capacity to exercise the art of being truly and substantively cool. As Ransaw asserts, ‘Masculinity is a pursuit, not a destination.'” — Copy Line Magazine

“Ransaw accustomed himself early on to being the ‘other’ kid, a stance which empowered his ability to transform his uniqueness into an identity that suited him best. Ransaw recognized that having mentors in his life was critical to his growth and development. He brought these experiences and his academic knowledge to bear upon ‘The Art of Being Cool: The Pursuit of Black Masculinity’, articulating means and outcomes by which Black males have shaped their masculinity, both in the United States and elsewhere-in the present and the past.” — The Literary Network

About Dr. Ransaw

Inspired by students in his Afro American Masculinity class, Dr. Ransaw – K-12 Outreach Specialist for the College of Education at Michigan State University, wrote this book as a resource for anyone involved in the schooling of Black males. In addition to helping close the achievement/relationship gap for males of color, Dr. Ransaw also conducts professional development workshops regarding Black males and literacy and has taught classes on Communication, Diversity, Hip-Hop Music and Culture as well as Black Masculinity.

The Art of Being Cool: The Pursuit of Black Masculinity is available at and

Photo Caption: Bookcover and author Theodore S. Ransaw Ph.D