The PCC Network Travels to Greenville, SC

The Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president of Probation Challenge and The PCC Network, will travel to Greenville, South Carolina, to kick-off their ’Outside the Walls’ broadcasting.

Bailey, a respected minister of the gospel, has pioneered in his well documented work with troubled youth for over 37-years, said, “With the lack of comprehensive news reporting we give favor to an offender and thusly lend credibility! The victim is virtually all but forgotten!  He said, “Mere sound-bits regarding murder, acts of crime, drugs and violence in the eyes of the perpetrators are often considered moments of fame! The victim and family are left with an untold story!

Making a conscious decision to be on the right-side of history, Bailey and the PCC Network said they are compelled to speak as to truth… and each story in its totality.“

Bailey, who is listed with The History Makers, and received the distinguish Legends Award, is set-forth in the Nations Library of Congress.  Bailey, considered many a role-model for youth said, “I am not interested in fighting with those attached to the powers-that-be, but I interested in salvaging the lives of people… mainly African Americans and Hispanics, who have been socially deprived and misrepresented.”

The PCConnection Network, will highlight positive measures that are rendered in Chicago and various communities of the United States. They plan to bring to the forefront individuals and organizations that have mindsets to spare the lives of youth and adults through the spiritual and educational renewing of their minds. Citing education as vehicle of escape back into reality, he said, “Educations brings about an awareness. Awareness brings on the ability to think. When a person can think, prayerfully they can make rational decisions.”

Bailey’s visit to Greenville, South Carolina, will highlight the work of Pastor Lottie Woods Hall, a dedicated minister of the gospel, who has spiritually invested in the lives of those she is considered as servant leader.

Pastor Hall, during the civil rights struggle was arrested and went to jail with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Birmingham, Alabama. She has not forgotten her civil rights experience but coupled her learning with an educational dose of biblical truth.

General Information: Pastor Lottie Woods Hall and The Intercessory Health and Healing Center,  When: Sunday,  May 3, 2015, 5.00PM. Where: 1298 Pendelton Street, Greenville, South Carolina.  There is no admission. For further information Call: 1-864-420-1672.

The Broadcast Will Later Air On the Probation Challenge:—The Truth Network

Contact person: Rev. Harold E. Bailey at: 773.978.3706.