The Legacy of Mandela and the Unfinished Freedom Struggle in South Africa will be discussed at a public forum in Washington, D.C.

The Institute of the Black World 21st Century(IBW) in conjunction with Bus Boys and Poets presents the legacy of Mandela. The event will be held Friday, December 20, at Bus Boys and Poets, 2021  14th Street, N.W. at V., Washington, D.C. at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

(From the IBW)

On Dec. 5, the world lost its greatest leader and statesman and South Africa lost the father of its nation. With the passing of Nelson Mandela, the questions on the minds of many people is what does the future hold for South Africa in the wake of Mandela’s passing. Is there an “unfinished” freedom struggle there and why is South Africa today the most economically unequal country in the world, 20 years after Mandela became the country’s first democratically elected President?

To address these and related questions, The Institute of the Black World 21st Century(IBW) has assembled an outstanding panel of intellectuals and activists to engage in a free, public discussion on Friday, Dec. 20th at Washington’s famed Busboys & Poets on the corner of 14th and V Streets in Northwest DC. The program begins at 7 pm in the Langston Room and will be Webcast on the IBW site.

For those who cannot attend this important forum in person, can view IBW’s Webcast by clicking on this link. You can also spend some time browsing the many articles, commentaries and videos from around the world in IBW’s special Web tribute to the “Life & Legacy of Nelson Mandela”. Click here.