The Hope Church: A genuine influence for faith, community enrichment, and economic growth

Orlando, FL ( — Under the leadership of Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins, Senior Pastor of The Hope Church and architect of Hope Center West, a new model program has been created to establish economic partnerships which promise to enhance community infrastructure lasting for generations to come.

With groundbreaking scheduled for summer 2012, Hope Center West ( was recently unveiled as a long-range plan to provide resources that will produce hundreds of jobs and convenience for better health and wellness in Washington Shores. During the first stage of development, a Walmart Neighborhood Shopping Center will be built, with nearby banks, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and several retail establishments.

“We’ve steadily worked to expand opportunities for economic development, housing, education, and spiritual enrichment through our ministry,” notes Bishop Wiggins. “By addressing critical issues that will engage and prepare our communities to become more market driven, we are securing a vision of economic growth and creating connectors that emphasize greater progress while fulfilling the needs of “the whole man,” Bishop Wiggins further states.

Hope Center West is quickly becoming a blueprint for economic development in urban America. Current improvements and progressions to date include the acquisition and rehabilitation of housing complexes for hundreds of families, and a professional/retail market space that accentuates the importance of local businesses. Some of The Hope Church service offerings include programs for ex-offender women, food distribution of meals and groceries to more than 10,000 community families, and spiritual enrichment activities for individuals and families.

About Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins

Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins is a native of Daytona Beach, Florida and has served as Senior Pastor of The Hope Church, in Orlando, Florida for ten years. He is also co-founder and saxophonist of the world-renowned gospel/jazz duo, Allen & Allen. With spiritual wisdom and a heart for helping underserved communities, Bishop Wiggins continually partners with key business, ministerial, and civic leaders that work to bring long-term sustenance to urban cores. Bishop Wiggins is also involved in outreach ministries across the country, and is available for speaking engagements and interview opportunities.

To learn more about The Hope Church and Hope Center West, visit and For additional information contact Mylika C. Morton at 407-291-4673 or email

Photo Caption: Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins, Senior Pastor, The Hope Church