The Greater Englewood Community Celebrates Inaugural 10th Anniversary

Investing In Our Community Through Partnership, Pride, and Persistence

CHICAGO, IL – On Thursday, April 30, 5:30 p.m.-7:30.p.m., the Englewood community will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Englewood: Making a Difference Quality-of-Life Plan, hosted by Teamwork Englewood. This is the first time residents, leaders, and organizations will convene to honor those organizations and individuals whose work and accomplishments reflect one or more of the ten (10) strategies outlined in the Quality-of-Life Plan established in 2005.

The Quality-of-Life Plan was created with 650 individuals who sat down at the offices of Teamwork Englewood over a course of 18 months. The plan was created to make Greater Englewood a viable, sustainable, vibrant community where people can live, work, and conduct business.

“Far too many times Englewood is in the media for negative occurrences and tragic events painting the picture of despair. Individuals around Chicago are not always privy to the community’s rich history, powerful organizations, small-business owners, energetic youth, and wise elders,” says Perry Gunn, Executive Director of Teamwork Englewood. This is an historical moment for the Englewood community as we celebrate this inaugural event.

The event will be held Thursday, April 30, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., at Kennedy-King College’s Great Hall (740 W. 63rd Street). Teamwork Englewood will honor several dozen individuals who worked to improve safety, education, the job market, the housing marketing, health services, urban agriculture and economic development within the last ten years.

For more information contact Rashanah Baldwin 312-566-8647 or 773-488-6600