Social Entrepreneurs bring free funding to black organizations, schools and churches

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Los Angeles, CA ( — One new African American owned company is on a mega-mission to give free and fast funding to all organizations including schools, churches, day cares, athletic teams, causes… In a nutshell, any organization needing money – and it only takes 14 days.

Acquiring much needed funding really can be easy when you are working with like minds, like spirits and of course, like visions.

The concept is called “Chips For Cell” ( and it was founded by Marcus Brewer and Janice Rodgers in the latter part of 2011 to support communities and to fill a need. The co-founders created something very unique that is working – Free And Fast Fundraiser For All. They are helping others raise money by using something that actually changes the lives of many.

The product that drives the free fundraiser provides a viable solution to the harms caused by cell phone radiation. Is cell phone usage really a problem? Experts, scientists and the late, great Johnnie Cochran’s widow either believe in the possibility or say YES, the danger is real.

A director of the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States has made an analysis of the possible brain tumor incidence… He estimates that by 2019 we will see 1.59 million brain tumors caused by cell phone use in the USA alone. “Brain tumors now account for more deaths among children and those under 40 than any other cancer,” says Samantha Dickson, Brain Tumor Trust, February 2008.

“It only makes sense to raise funds and awareness at the same time. Candy and Cookie Dough taste really good but doesn’t enhance our bodies or our communities,” states co-founder Janice Rodgers. “Now more than ever, our communities are asking for solutions to growing problems. We have a proven winner here and we are on a mega-mission to get the word out and the committed action will follow. The proof regarding the silent, long term effects caused by cell usage is overwhelming and real. It’s sad to say, but our children are at a greater risk than any of us. How many children have you seen with a cell phone?”

“Every time; we call our little loved ones to simply say, I love you, we are giving them a daily dose of radiation,” explains lead fundraising specialist Elaine Turner. “Is that our intention?” Not only is the threat effecting our youth, studies have shown that it lowers a man’s sperm count and can have lasting effects on unborn babies. Rod LaMar, one of the company’s leaders likes to ask, “Are you having unprotected text or suffering from a cellular transmitted disease?” He continues to exclaim, “Don’t let history repeat itself, lots of people died of lung cancer before the tobacco industry ever admitted there was a problem.”

The Chips For Cell fundraising track record is growing fast and going strong in just a very short time. The free and fast funding source is already endorsed by the non-profit group P.A.R. – Parents Against Radiation and several school districts including the Inglewood School District in sunny southern California. The district was taken aback by the company’s generosity. They will actually give $10 for every $25 sale of the Chips. The numbers become amazing at times and everyone walks away happy and more prosperous than before. The co-founders admit that they still experience shock from the results they are helping to actualize.

Carrie Johnson, one of the company’s fundraising leaders, adds, “Size doesn’t always matter. The Chip is small but so powerful. As soon as you put it on, the protection and funding begin. This works for any group, school, team, church or organization and it only takes 14 days. It is simply phenomenal.”

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About Janice Rodgers and Marcus Brewer

They are serial entrepreneurs who share a genuine interest in being a part of global change. Not only do they work diligently to promote funding awareness and overall growth to thousands, they also volunteer their time to assist inner city children in fulfilling passions and goals. The company is now hiring fundraising referral agents. In other words, even if you don’t need a fundraiser, the company will compensate those for referring others who need funding.

Photo Caption: Janice Rodgers, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Chips For Cell

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