School Prayer – The power of silence

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By Attorney Roy Miller

Nationwide ( — We never asked little children how taking prayer out of school affected them. Some adults wanted prayer out. Little children lost the right to pray at school and only received watered down replacements. Adults were silent and adults let it happen.

The daily classroom activity of devotion was the medicine that increased faith in children and helped them believe that problems at home, loneliness, illnesses and problems at school would be made right by God. I know this, because I attended public grammar school when school prayer was allowed. I looked forward to devotion. I needed it.

Because a medicine works only on 90% of the patients and is of no desire to the other 10%, you don’t throw out the medicine.

In 1994, I, Attorney Roy Miller, became the first and only person to succeed at having the n-word deleted from a major dictionary. I have now begun a fight to return prayer back to school, as it existed prior to the Engel v. Vitale decision. Prayer is where adults and children enter into contracts with God. Restrictions amount to interfering with that contract.

By whose authority gave us, our courts and our government the power to keep children from God, when even Jesus disciples lacked such authority? When prayer was in public schools, children had respect for God and transferred that respect to humanity. Prayer connects to conscience. The Supreme Court needs to be pressured to clean up what it messed up.

“Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of heaven,” says Matthew 19:14. Even Jesus’ own disciples were warned that they lacked authority to keep children from Jesus. How is it that the United States of America can have authority through Engel v. Vitale, an atheist, to over rule what amounts to the clear Godly decision expressed in Matthew 19:14. The United States of America is allowed to exist as “one nation under God”, not equal to, nor more powerful than.

I will do everything that I can to pressure the Supreme Court to publicly answer one question. By whose authority gave the Supreme Court the jurisdictional power to take prayer out of school, man or God? If it is clear that the Supreme Court lacked authority and jurisdiction to make a decision that would out-law school prayer, then the Supreme Court should vacate their Engel v. Vitale decision, based on lack of jurisdiction and ask God for forgiveness. We must speak. We, as a nation, either stand with God or against God.

Despite the mistakes and sinful choices that we adults have made, we still have to push for our children to freely have a respectable relationship with God. When school prayer returns, morals will return and the pendulum will begin to swing the other way. I ask for your support in pressuring the United States Supreme Court to give a clear answer. I feel that God demands that we speak and not remain silent.

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