Rev. Bailey Reveals Past Endeavors With State’s Attorneys to Save Youth

 From: Probation Challenge, PCC Network

In a recent interview with a Chicago news magazine, the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, told of past one-on-one dialogs with many Chicago States Attorneys. With massive hysteria in the streets of Chicago… involving the mismanagement of alleged police killings, Bailey thought that the public ought to know historical truth regarding a portion of the States Attorney’s Office.

Bailey, a long time advocate to educate youth filtering through the criminal justice system, in 1979, developed the noted Probation Challenge program, which saved the lives of thousands of youth, who came before the judicial bench without a high school certificate. Offenders appearing before the judge would have to make a critical decision to go to school or jail. To miss 1-day, the client could go to jail for 7-days. Upon the 4th miss… termination from the program and then to complete the original court sentence.

Bailey started out as a cook country adult probation officer and in 1978, was assigned to the courtroom of an astute judge. It was under the reins of Pincham, that the young minister was allowed to excise his mind-set to help youth assigned to the Pincham courtroom. Bailey was making a remarkable difference as he shifted the norm of probation to doing more than interviews and warehousing. In those earlier years, Rev. Bailey was ridiculed and criticized for wanting to spare the live of African American and Hispanic youth… opposed to sending them to jail or prison. With undying persistence Bailey wholeheartedly believed that education would bring about a difference in the life of an offender and in doing so would broaden his horizon. His Illinois State Statue program jumped over the hurdles set-forth by those that set in opposition to change… and thusly expand beyond the courtroom of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham, and into the courtrooms of other judges who shared his beliefs.

“The States Attorney’s office has always been a hard nut to crack,” said Rev. Bailey, as he sat in a pensive move… holding tight to a pen and notepad. He said that history should in truth have it said that he (Bailey) made unprecedented visits to the chambers of: Jack O’Malley, Cecil A. Partee, Richard A. Devine, and invited Anita Alvarez who did visited the studio of Bailey’s Probation Challenge (PCC Network) program.

All States Attorney’s were asked at those meetings, if they would be of an educational assistance to youth filtering through the justice system…rather than sending minor offenders to jail! Bailey said, he thought they would comply in that they would be undergirded by the Illinois State Statue to do so. He said that in following the mandated law, offenders would have a second on life and saving tax payers tons of dollars. Bailey said he found that most States Attorney’s rejected the premise of the program and would rather incarcerate than educate. Bailey said the rejection smacked of racism – at the highest level.

Jack O’Malley smirked at me and dismissed me unprofessionally. He lost the next election, scatted his head as he pondered why! Bailey said “It was a spiritual thing.”
Cecil Partee, Bailey said, “Told me as to his having been misused by the machine… and that he was then a lonely person. He wanted to shift his believes and after listening to Bailey, he wanted to then help but died shortly afterward.

Richard Devine, Bailey said this attorney was an exception to the rule … and was admired for his honesty, but because of the powers-that-be… was prevented from doing constructive measures.

Anita Alvarez (present States Attorney), committed to support Probation Challenge and their efforts to resurrect the educational program; however she never had an opportunity.

As people ponder as to what methods would be best to curb crime in the Chicago land, many have offered their ideals. The probation Challenge proven track record stared citizen in the face daily as youth walked the streets without a hint of drive-bys or other criminal acts… this was done under the auspices of Probation Challenge, with the watchful eyes of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham and Mayor Harold Washington, who both admired and mentored the program. Many have asked: If the program was so successful why it was illegally removed from City College/Olive-Harvey Campus?

At the death of Pincham and Washington, an apparent schemed was said to be set-forth by the then City College Chancellor Wayne Watson, and Bailey was asked to move. There has never been a hint of scandal with the program. Anyone with political savvy knows that this could and would not have happened without consent of City Hall. It was found that after the Bailey was forced to vacate the site, the school continued to illegally use the Probation Challenge name – and did except money as the result. The court stated that the Olive-Harvey College had to cease using the program’s name which legally belongs to the Rev. Harold E. Bailey. However, the City Colleges never gave back the money they illegally received.

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