Residents Protest to Demand an End to Political Intimidation and Corruption at 106th and Avenue M in Chicago

Threats of retaliation and reports of harassment for absentee ballots causes community outrage

CHICAGO, IL – On April 11 at 2 p.m., a coalition of local community members and groups led by Anthony Martinez from RISE Southeast Chicago community group, came together to protest threats of retaliation, intimidation and corruption following the results of the 10th ward election on 106th and Avenue M.

Protest organizer Anthony Martinez says, “The activities that have been going on the last 16 years and recently the violent crimes and threats against people who voted against the current alderman are unacceptable. We are calling for an end to this and an investigation into any reports of rigging the results of the election through intimidation or fraud.”

After threats of violence and harassment towards voters in the 10th ward election, residents are organizing to demand justice. From signs being torn from homes, broken car windows, Facebook threats, and now reports of shady characters requesting absentee ballots after the deadline, the community has begun organizing to demand an investigation and end to these practices. Residents are demanding a full investigation into any attempts at voter intimidation or fraud, along with demands that officials look into allegations of corrupt practices in the ward. Organizers are trying to gather attention to these threats out of fear someone will be hurt as a result of retaliation.

l Corona a community resident and RISE members states: “We will stand up against these social injustices. Our community needs it, our neighbors want it, and our children demand it! We will not let people in our community be intimidated, threatened or hurt!”

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