Protest at Boeing Stockholders Meeting Today

Members of the Anti-War Committee (AWC) – Chicago will attend the annual meeting of the Boeing stock holders at the Field Museum today, 4/27/15 in Chicago at 8 a.m. Together with other area peace groups, the activists will hold a press conference to oppose the Boeing Company supplying the Israeli Defense Forces with smart bomb kits.

Kait McIntyre, Newland Smith and Joe Iosbaker will be attending, and will use the public comment section of the stock holders meeting to deliver their message. Said McIntyre, “We will tell them that we are opposed to their arming of the Israeli military in its wars on Gaza, and its occupation of Palestine.

Smith explained, “In November 2014, Boeing was awarded an $83 million contract by the Israel Air Force for providing 3000 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs).” JDAMs are kits that convert unguided bombs into “smart” guided weapons. These are to

replace the ordnance deployed during Operation Protective Edge in July and August 2014, in which over 2000 Palestinians, including 513 children, were killed.

According to McIntyre, “In Israel’s wars on Gaza, over 80% percent of bombs dropped had Boeing’s JDAM tail, with Boeing’s satellite guided software.

Also joining the press conference will be Arny Steiber of Veterans for Peace, Nerissa Allegretti of National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, and Bishop Robert Ilay, Philippine Independent Church of US and Canada.

You can read AWC’s statement against Boeing’s weapon sales to Israel here: