President Obama on U.S. mission damned by haters: Simple and proper protocol put president on the lips of haters!

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By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

President Barack Obama is damned if he does things right and again damned when he as a human makes a simple error! As many know it to be, but won’t declare it, haters of the president dislike him because he is an African-American man that just happens to be the President of the United States of America!

Shameful to say but truth must prevail, and, I’m sure historians will agree that never in the history of this country has anyone sitting in the prestigious presidential seat has been treated so disrespectfully without just cause!

Take a moment and reflect, every previous president seeking to better this nation with constructive change was but for short season rebutted. This chastisement would only be for a short period, later overridden with agreement from both parties, as the country went on to become stronger as the result. However, with this historical black president leading the country, racism by a few slight-hearted persons is seeking to rewrite history and derail the course of a nation.

President Obama on a mission to Africa to attend the funeral services of former South African President Nelson Mandela followed a statesman’s proper protocol and shook the hand of an official representative from Cuba, which brought evil comments from the heart of haters who had watched with a jaundice eye.

Did not our Lord and Savior say that we should be like Him? Then without question we then should seek to love – even those that despitefully use us! President Barack Obama, as leader of these United States shook the hand of a person deemed to be an enemy – of whom? Would Christ in an effort to draw a sinner unto Him… not shake his hand … and, thusly in doing so would not only touch the hand but also the heart.  Who do we obey, God or man?

In order to be a friend, you must first show yourself to be friendly. Christ went among the sinners and was ridiculed by His own disciples for it but, He said to the followers that His mission on earth was not for those who were well, but those who were ill. President Obama reached out as he should have … as a gentle spirit beckoning to perhaps a willing heart wanting to become whole.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is President of Probation Challenge

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