Portoluz & The Wild Hare present a free holiday concert with Glawdys N’ Dee, “The new voice of the Caribbean”

Portoluz is producing a special holiday concert featuring “The New Voice of The Caribbean”, Glawdys N’ Dee. The event, billed as a “Thank You Note, is N’ Dee’s year-end gift to her fans as she celebrates her new CD “Lyannaj”.

The event will take place December 16 at The Wild Hare, 3530 N. Clark. Doors will open at 7 p.m. The concert begins at 8 p.m.

“…N’ Dee’s vocal style has a restrained intensity, a quality shared by the lineage of jazz singers that stretches from Billy Holiday through Nina Simone…the impressive Lyannaj heralds a Chicago artist of unusual depth and world-class promise…” said Neil Tesser, Chicago Jazz Music Examiner.

About Glawdys N’ Dee and Lyannaj

It is in the Caribbean, on the island of Guadeloupe that Singer, Songwriter and leader of”The Lyannaj Ensemble of Chicago”, Glawdys N’ Dee began her musical and cultural odyssey that would ultimately evolve into a vision. From an early age, Glawdys was influenced by her mother’s musical taste and by the rhythms of her native land. She grew up in an environment rich in musician and cultural diversity: The melodies of Albert King, Miriam Makeba, Louis Armstrong, Charles Aznavour, Gwoka (traditional music from Guadeloupe), and many more echoed regularly in the family home.

As the little girl with the “soulful voice”, Glawdys’ exceptional musical gifts were first discovered in the place where she spent her formative years – the church. The vibrant rhythms of life of the island combined with the spirituals and gospel melodies contributed to define her childhood, and shape the essence of her first musical experiences.

Additionally, while training with legendary Creole singer Daniel Forestal, she was introduced to a new sound to her young ears…the music of Billy Holiday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and other jazz greats. After graduating from school she moved to Paris. While performing as a member of the gospel music group “Differences”, Glawdys walked onto a European stage for the first time. She was quickly elevated from background singer to the role of soloist, and performed at many events including the Jazz festival de la Defense and The Blues Festival du Creusot. Her rapid ascent and success on the Parisian scene led her to travel – this time, from the City of Lights to the US. While in America, she founded “The Lyannaj Ensemble of Chicago”.

In her debut album “lyannaj”, Glawdys seamlessly incorporates traditional, modern, sacred and secular, while never abandoning the spirit and roots of Guadeloupe and the Caribbean.

“Lyannaj” (meaning to win over, to unite in solidarity, to connect) is a word deeply rooted in Creole tradition and culture and speaks directly to the heart. It’s an invitation to return to your roots. ..through the frontiers of our minds, and beyond the borders of our lands. “Lyannaj” is a place where everyone can feel at home. With a core message of tolerance, self-awareness, self-esteem and personal growth, it is an offering to celebrate the unity and diversity of life.

Sung in three primary languages (English, French and Creole), “Lyannaj” was recorded in Chicago and includes world-renowned guest artists, including acclaimed Cuban bass player Victor miranda, Nicaraguan pianist Darwin Alejandro Noguera, Guadeloupean great percussionist Frantz Flereau, as well as Chicago’s renowned pianist Calvin “Koco” Brunson, virtuoso guitarist Herb Walker, and the legendary Bass and Cellist Larry Gray.

About Portoluz

Portoluz, meaning “harbor of light” has its origins in the successful evolution of the cultural center Hot-House and was formed to provide sustainable environments for innovative artistic exploration, community-based economic development, and progressive cultural discourse. portoluz is a non-profit organization presenting multi-arts events in venues throughout the region while it develops a permanent venue.