Pols Respond to Gov. Rauner’s Budget Address

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State Rep. Monique Davis D-Chicago, Urges Focus on Budget. “…It is time that we say enough is enough…”

When Governor Bruce Rauner delivered the annual budget address to the legislature and the people of Illinois today, state Rep. Monique Davis, D-Chicago, was in attendance and issued the following statement:

“In all of my years as a state legislator, I have never witnessed a governor’s budget address occurring without the passage of a budget for that year. It really speaks volumes to how outrageous this whole situation is. Maybe the austerity of this crisis will shake Gov. Rauner to finally do things sensibly and with real purpose.

“It is time that we say enough is enough. I have pledged numerous times to work hand in hand with the governor to come to a solution. At this point, anyone concerned with the consequences of this impasse would be willing to start work on a compromise.

“During the address today, I kept thinking about the pain and struggle caused by a state’s inability to make good on its promises. I surely hope the governor doesn’t continue to ignore the calls of real people who are being affected by this budget impasse. We have to get something done now.”


State Rep. Marcus Evans, D-Chicago, “…Governor Rauner’s budget address today didn’t adequately address how we create a better education system and provide working and middle-class workers with more job security…”

“As state representative, I am focused on advocating for working adults to be able to continue their education, creating better job opportunities and providing a quality education for our children. I know how important quality education is for student success and to make sure our kids are given the tools they need to succeed.”

“Governor Rauner’s budget address today didn’t adequately address how we create a better education system and provide working and middle-class workers with more job security. It is important that we strive to guarantee access to quality and affordable education for all children throughout the state of Illinois.”

“A strong community depends upon safer streets, fighting for common-sense gun laws, and working to increase security in our neighborhoods. To create a safer environment, we need stable funding to reinforce those goals. To help create better job opportunities, we have to work with city and community leaders on bringing new jobs, construction projects and new employers to our area.”

“The governor has not been willing to support a balanced approach to fund critical services and their strategy has led us to a dead end. I am willing and ready to work with him and my colleagues across the aisle to create a better Illinois.”


State Rep. Will Davis, D-Harvey,  “…Access to affordable health should be a right for everyone.”

“As a legislator living with diabetes, I understand how important it is to ensure services and proper care are easily accessible to prevent diabetics from suffering complications. Throughout my time serving in the General Assembly, I have fought to improve access to health care and supported legislation to address cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

“As the chairman of the Health and Healthcare Disparities Committee, my priority continues to be to improve our health care system, in part, by making it more accessible, especially to our most vulnerable residents. Access to affordable health should be a right for everyone.

“As Illinois nears it eighth month of operating without a state budget, not-for-profit and for-profit health organizations are doing what they can to maintain services. The budget impasse has forced providers’ health systems to cut services, students to go without MAP grants and after school programming to cut essential services to our children. The budget proposal the governor presented on Wednesday does not make clear his commitment to providing health services for those most in need. We need to find a balanced approach while meeting the needs of working-class families, to resolve the state’s budget impasse. I will continue to fight for my constituents to ensure they get the funding they need.”

State Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, “…People in our communities are affected more by this impasse compared those in Governor Rauner’s neighborhood...”

“As a legislator and an active community member, I see the real consequences of the budget impasse every day. People in dire need who need access to critical state programs and services cannot wait for the political games that the governor is playing. This is not a game, real people in my district and across Illinois are getting hurt. The governor needs to understand that real lives are being affected. Our communities matter.

“People in our communities are affected more by this impasse compared those in Governor Rauner’s neighborhood. So, I am not really sure if Governor Rauner is out of touch with the detrimental things really happening to people in this state due to a lack of a budget, or if he simply doesn’t care. In either case, he has to be willing to do what is right, and to do it right now.

“We cannot continue to operate without addressing the elephant in the room. The people of the state expect us as lawmakers to fight for their best interests and that is what we need to do. While I am prepared to work with the governor to find a solution to ending the state’s budget impasse, it must be a balanced approach that doesn’t put more of a burden on my constituents and the many other families struggling to get by across Illinois.”

Harper represents the 6th District, which includes Englewood, Back of the Yards, Canaryville and neighboring communities. If you have any questions or need any more information, please contact Rep. Harper’s district office at 773-925-6580.

State Rep. Chris Welch D-Hillside, urges Gov. Rauner to Compromise, Pass Responsible Budget


“As I talk to constituents in the 7th District every day, they tell me about the real ways the state’s months-long budget impasse is hurting them and their loved ones. Countless social service providers have been forced to cut back – some have laid off workers – while those who count on those critical services are left with nowhere to turn. If this continues for much longer, the consequences will get even more severe.

“While I appreciated the governor’s remarks and understand the need to make additional reforms that will help Illinois become more competitive and promote economic growth, this cannot be done on the backs of working men and women across our state.

“No other governor in recent history has held a budget, and the people of Illinois, hostage to his demands for the passage of an extreme agenda, which has very little legislative support. I truly hope Gov. Rauner takes President Obama’s remarks from last week seriously by deciding to compromise and negotiating with Democrats in good faith to craft a responsible budget.”

Welch represents the 7th District, which includes all or portion of Bellwood, Berkeley, Broadview, Forest Park, Hillside, La Grange Park, Maywood, River Forest and Westchester.  For more information, contact Welch’s constituent service office at 708-450-1000, e-mail repwelch@emanuelchriswelch.com or visit www.emanuelchriswelch.com.


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