Politicians with peace on their lips but not in their hearts…

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What evil, hidden-hands peer from the shadows of some Congressional politicians?

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

As members of Congress continue in their fight over things that severely influence the very existence of citizens of the United States, some pretentious  politicians are standing before microphones spitting in our face and telling us that it’s raining!

Just take a look at the demoralizing and deceptive measures from the pits of hell that are being weaved and orchestrated into the lives of Americans!

Statistics and polls are forever documented in the archives of history as to the last national election that spoke to the hearts of the American voting majority. However, truth is now being tested on all fronts … right before America and the world.

On trial is whether or not the United States of America – which was supposed to be built on honesty and fair politics – will continue in the tradition of the Founding Fathers…with liberty and justice for all.

Matters of injustices are flaring up everywhere as some radical Republicans fight among themselves, insisting that right is wrong and are spitting directly into the faces of people who voted for change at the polls.  This is disrespectful, unlawful, unjustifiable, and unthinkable in this the 21st Century.

With such measures so entrenched with these dissenting Republicans, one has only to revert back to history and note that there were always a radical bunch that defected from positive change. There was always a few that also resisted freeing slaves!

Is this, the hidden-hand, the deep-seated subliminal message in Washington today… is that because an African-American man is President? This young black man was legally voted into office by an overwhelming majority of voters in the United States! But a small fraction was not pleased about the end results and the world knows that – especially now! The world is once again watching the actions of these United States that has a demoralizing history of how it treated its colored, Negroes, blacks and now African American citizens. The more things change, the more they remain the same!

Some politicians in Washington speak of peace as they weep at the drop of a pin, but their actions speak to the contrary. Many from some political camps are merely sin-sick to the core!

Biblical scriptures speak of the latter days when some persons would come in pretense of peace on their lips, but it would not be in their hearts! It also said that their hearts would be far from the heart of God!

From a spiritual prospective: The United States should remember that Satan comes but to rob, steal, and destroy … if we allow him to do so!  We have to fight a ‘good fight’ as Paul states in the scriptures. And we must remember that when we fight, we should put on the whole armor of God so that we can withstand the fiery darts of the enemy.  In Washington the fiery darts consist of deceit and vicious lies! And as you perhaps know – Satan is the Father of not some, but all lies.

We have been commanded to pray for President Barack Obama, as the Lord has stated: Pray for those that have the rule over you!

I also pray for the few deceitful persons in the world of politics that have allowed Satan to consume them! I also pray for those who are honestly wrong and believe that they will get away with these evil deeds of entrapments without giving accountability for their stewardship with God’s people – both respectful Democrats and Republicans. Yes, all workers of politician deviant misbehavior… will answer in Eternity!

As for those Congressional leaders who for whatever reason are lending services less than honorable, they should consider the spiritual consequences for their disobeying the United States Constitution. Any act against the United States that is less than honorable – could or would be considered as treason? There are people that are suffering, and many are subjected to suicide and other acts of self destruction. What act is more on the brink of treason than for a country to come against its very own citizenship?

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the President of Probation Challenge, Inc.


Written for Copyline Magazine

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