Poetry Urges Readers to Find Their Own “Land of Oz”

Gold Vault of Poetry: Compelling, Eclectic New Book of Poetry Urges Readers to Find their Own “Land of Oz”

Crafted from the life and experiences of Ron Arbuthnot, ‘Gold Vault of Poetry’ is a powerful and expansive collection of verses that will help anyone cut to the very core of the human condition. The result of a very unique study into the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Arbuthnot’s new collection calls out to the everyman who wants to further cherish the bold simplicities of life.

Browns Mills, NJ – While most poets construct their verses to seek out fame, fortune or blow over discerning critics, the biggest mavericks of the writing world often end up having the biggest impact on their audience. One such fearless poet is Ron Arbuthnot, a man not afraid to shun the limelight on his mission to instead uplift and inspire the everyday “average joe”.

His latest collection, ‘Gold Vault of Poetry’, achieves this with gusto. Inspired by the work of one of literature’s greatest minds, this eclectic and evocative volume will help any reader uncover a new dimension of their existence.


Early in his Kansas life, Ron Arbuthnot discovered that Dorothy, Toto, and the Yellow Brick Road are real. All he had left to do was find the Land of Oz, and it was a beautiful poet by the name of Maya Angelou who read Ron’s early poetry, and she liked it enough to point Ron in the direction of Oz. Even more unusual was the fact that it was not the Tin Man, nor the Straw Man, nor the cowardly Lion that Ron Arbuthnot found were also real, but the very soul of another great poet, Edgar Allan Poe, whom Maya Angelou told Ron Arbuthnot that he needed to study. Which he did. The result is contained in most of the poetry in this very book. It is because Edgar Allan Poe will reveal his secrets of poetry writing to anyone who will give it and honest try. Ron believes that Maya Angelou knew this when she pointed in the direction of the Land of Oz. It is in us all.

“I wanted to write something that was powerful, down-to-earth and ultimately rare in the marketplace,” explains the author. “I’m a poet for all people of all backgrounds and ages.”

Continuing, “While widening your target audience may appear to make the job of writing poetry easier, it becomes a lot tougher to expand the range and appeal of one’s words to apply to such a large catchment. I was driven in this project by Edgar Allan Poe, and I think that says enough about the ability for the final product to change the lives of readers!”

With the volume’s popularity expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies as soon as possible.

‘Gold Vault of Poetry’, from BookBaby, is available now: http://amzn.to/1gxhBfj.

About the Author:

Perhaps the Land of Oz, famed for Dorothy and Toto of Kansas, might be more related to myself, Ron Arbuthnot, as being part of The Mearns (Kincardinshire) of Northeastern Scotland, which ceased to exist during the Middle Ages.

It is into this area I trace the very roots of my Arbuthnot Clan from which I originated, still very active today, and ranges from the worlds of Gulliver’s Travels, to Mary Queen of the Scots, to the settling in the County Down area of Ireland, and then the re-settling to the new world and the garden farms of New Jersey, the prairies of Nebraska, today’s oil fields of Logan County, Oklahoma, and also to the gold fields of Colorado and beyond to the California coast.
Indeed, I have reached into many such worlds of the Arbuthnot’s for nearly all of the poetry in this, and other books. Originally writing under the pen name of Vee Bdosa, the Doylestown Poet, which I still use as a Pen name for my Vampire-Edgar Alan Poe type of Poetry, it is in Doylestown, PA where I became acquainted with writing in the Shakespearean Sonnet Form, my favorite form for writing.

It was in the early days of sonnet witting that a beautiful poet by the name of Maya Angelou read some of it, and liked it enough to write to me and to not only encourage my writing, but gave me many tips in writing and study which I still use to this very day. She also put me onto many secrets of Edgar Alan Poe and his way of writing, which I also use to this very day.

My fondest and warmest thoughts will always go to both Maya Angelou, and my own great, great, great, Grandmother Esther Louise Arbuthnot, whose ancient photograph I gaze on at this very minute, that has inspired a lot of my poetry.

Ron Arbuthnot