Who Watches One On One TV and Reads CopyLine Magazine?

Connecting News, People and Businesses

CopyLine Magazine is a “Report Card” on politics, specifically in Chicago and Illinois.

CopyLine is: Stimulating * Exciting * Informative * Provocative * Influential

CopyLine Magazine’s primary focus is on the political arena. It can be found in public and governmental offices, major libraries and other offices. It can also be purchased at newstands and through yearly subscriptions. CopyLine is a Black-owned publication.

Who Reads CopyLine Magazine?

Thousands of influential and well-informed individuals – representative of a wide spectrum of people, from politicians to judges, lawyers, educators, heads of organizations, community activists, trade unionists, ministers, businessmen, doctors and others. Aside from the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois, Copyline has subscribers in many other states.

CopyLine has experienced a steady growth – subscription wise – since its inception in November 1990.

“How Can Advertisers Benefit From The “CopyLine Connection?”

Businesses that advertise their products and services in CopyLine Magazine will get a good return on their advertising dollars. Their ad messages will reach an audience of thousands of well-informed, influential readers and subscribers. What’s more, CopyLine ad rate costs are reasonable compared to that of other publications.

What’s Unique About CopyLine Magazine?

* CopyLine goes behind the scenes to get a close-up look at public and elected officials.

* CopyLine stays on top of headline news.

* CopyLine keeps abreast of political happenings and maneuvering in the political arena.

* CopyLine gives an overall view of newsmakers in the political arena.

* CopyLine gives an overall view of movers and shakers in the political ballgame. * CopyLine provides information on budget matters, education, health issues, housing, welfare, business and legislative issues.

* CopyLine provides election analyses.

* CopyLine provides consumer information.

What About CopyLine’s Monthly Line-Up?

* Provocative Commentaries

* Recognizes a “Legislator of the Month” in each edition

* Entertainment (Personalities/musicians/book reports)

* People Watch (Newsmakers, Movers & Shakers)

* Legal Rights & Legal Wrongs (Law/Commentary)

* “Faces & Places” (People, Places & Things)

Why Advertise In CopyLine Magazine?

* Placing an ad in CopyLine Magazine is a first step in tapping “The CopyLine Connection” – a powerful connection that links you, the advertiser, with thousands of influential readers and subscribers, who are also potential buyers of your services.

* One of the best vehicles in getting your messages out.

* Advertising dollars well-spent.