New Roseland Community Hospital CEO Speaks at Congressional Black Caucus Health Braintrust Summit in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - New Roseland Community Hospital President and CEO Tim Egan spoke Tuesday at the 12th Annual Leadership Summit on Health Disparities & Congressional Black Caucus Spring Health Braintrust in Washington, D.C. Egan presented to the Braintrust at U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly’s (D-2nd District) invitation.

“It is a great honor to represent the patients, the community, physicians, employees and all stakeholders of the New Roseland Hospital,” Egan said. “Representative Kelly and the CBC have put healthcare disparities in the spotlight for the 114th Congress.”

As the CBC chairperson, Kelly helmed the summit, which was titled “The March Toward Health Equity.”  The National Minority Quality Forum partially sponsored the event.

“I was happy Tim could join me to talk about the vital role of safety-net hospitals,” Kelly said. “Safety net hospitals are on the front line of care in vulnerable communities so it is critical that we understand the unique challenges they face so we can develop solutions and support to better help them serve these communities.”

Egan spoke as part of a panel that addressed “The State of Safety Net Hospitals” on Tuesday, April 21st.

An attendee asked if each state was using all leverage available to support Safety-Net Hospitals.

“Not in Illinois,” Egan answered. “We must maximize federal funding. Right now, we are playing on an unleveled pitch – an old rugby term for an uneven field.”

Egan noted statistics recently published by the Illinois Hospital Association that showed Illinois currently receives a 50.75% match of federal Medicaid funding, while surrounding states collect a much higher match; Kentucky receives 69.34%, Indiana gets 66.52%, Tennessee gets 64.99%, Missouri receives 63.45% and Wisconsin gets 58.37%.

“I recently testified in front of the Illinois House Human Services Committee,” Egan said. “I said I wasn’t there to beg for ‘No Cuts.’ The proposed cuts in Illinois are devastating. I asked for Illinois to invest in the New Roseland. The best way to do that is raise our Medicaid federal match. I know, together, we can make that happen.”

The New Roseland Community Hospital is the community’s integrated and coordinated healthcare choice, where professional caregivers provide guidance on the path to recovery and overall wellness.

Photo Caption: Roseland Community Hospital  CEO Tim Egan with U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly