New Book: A doctor’s prescription for health care reform spotlights support for Obamacare, gun control and eliminating racial health care disparities

Nashville, TN ( — Rahn Kennedy Bailey, MD, DFAFP, the immediate past president of the National Medical Association, has announced the release of his first book that highlights the National Medical Association’s history of advocacy in health care.

Bailey made the announcement about his book this weekend at the National Medical Association Convention & Scientific Assembly in Toronto, Canada. The book is titled: A Doctor’s Prescription for Health Care Reform: The National Medical Association Tackles Disparities, Stigma and the Status Quo. (

“As an African-American physician, I spent the last two decades of my career working to make the lives of people better,” Dr. Bailey said about his reason to write the book. “The more I’ve learned about health care in our country, the more I realized the need for operative change. I became acutely aware of the topics addressed through two-plus decades of work in hospitals, health care centers and assisting disadvantaged groups.”

The book examines long term struggles of addresses health care disparities among races and health stigmas in the African-American community, such as black’s view on mental illness. It also touches on hot button news topics of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and gun violence.

“The book takes a physician’s look at the Affordable Care Act and how it will affect the poor, minorities and others who feel they have been marginalized by the system,” Dr. Bailey said. “The ACA will become even more newsworthy in the next couple of years as it becomes fully implemented, as well as the ever changing impact of gun violence. I talk about why it is a medical issue.”

Dr. Bailey completed his term as the 113th president of the National Medical Association during the convention. Founded in 1895, the NMA is the largest organization of black physicians in the country. He said he hopes the book, which is a culmination of his more than 25 years in the medical field, will bring discussion of health care and need for reform to a higher level.

“This book is written by a physician who works with many patients the Affordable Care Act attempts to address,” Dr. Bailey said. “Those persons historically disenfranchised from access, have also been those most likely to receive inferior health care. I intend to give both professional and personal views about the current state of health care in the country.”

The book, published by WestBow Press in Bloomington, Ind., is a fundraiser for the National Medical Association and can be purchased on the website

Photo Caption: Bookcover and author Dr. Rahn Kennedy Bailey, Immediate Past President, National Medical Association