New Audio Book Details First Fictional & Most Probable Legal Battle for African-American Reparations

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Free copies are now available of “Reparations I: The Attorneys” – a full cast audio drama by a veteran XM/ Sirius producing partner

Reparations I: The Attorneys By K. Anderson Yancy

Los Angeles, CA ( — In Reparations I: The Attorneys, a full cast audio drama with over 50 performers, researched and produced over 23 years, two African-American attorneys, best friends, find themselves opposing council in the reparations legal battle for the African-American Holocaust over 400 years of: Slavery, apartheid and vast forms of discrimination and genocide at the hands of the United States, while navigating the U.S. legal system and wrestling with the resulting personal turbulences in their lives.

Reparations I: The Attorneys surveys myriad current Reparations battles and issues within the U.S.: White, African, African-American, Jewish, Chinese, Muslim, Mexican, Native American…Slavery; illegal Italian-American & German-American WWII internment; Hawaiian & Guam Reparations; (2) U.S. Mexican-American Ethnic Cleansings: (1929-1939) The Mexican Repatriation & (1954 ????) Operation Wetback {Sadly its True Name}; illegal U.S. medical experimentation, nuclear irradiation, biological warfare test on its citizens; and so much more.

At 15.5 hours, the length of a 22 week dramatic television series less commercials. It covers a year as the two dueling attorneys move to the trials commencement and gives unique views of long, complex paths to justice.
Reparations I: The Attorneys available FREE two ways:

It’s available FREE at Amazons Audible at and the link (Reparations I: The Attorneys) by signing up for a FREE 30 day trial.  Cancel the FREE trial prior to 30 days and keep your copy.


It’s available FREE if you leave a review of Reparations I: The Attorneys on your newspaper be it Daily, Weekly, College, High School… magazine; blog; Newsletter, website…wherever. Please send a request to: (The supplys limited so submit your request as soon as possible.)

About the Author
From 2003 2013, K. Anderson Yancy was a producing partner of XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, providing SonicMovies, premium audio content that sounds like movies to its Book Theater & Playboy’s Sexy Stories.

Hes written, adapted, directed, produced and performed in 300+ SonicMovies; been anthologized with John Grisham, Scott Turow, Erle Stanley Gardner and other authors of note in the Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers, a #1 Bestseller in Australia and Bestseller in Europe; written countless long and short stories; appeared in commercials and ads for McDonalds, Buick, …industrial videos; and written, directed, and shot several short films.

Hes earned degrees from Los Angeles Valley & City Colleges in broadcasting and film; and from Northwestern University, complements of the nations Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, with majors in Economics and Naval Science. A Naval Officer, he earned a M.S. in Real Estate & Urban Development, at The American University; following the Navy, a Jurist Doctorate, from George Mason University School of Law.

Photo Caption: Cover of full cast audio drama

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