NAACP Statement on the Death of 25-Year-Old Freddie Gray

Baltimore, MD – The NAACP released the following statement on the death of Freddie Gray. Gray, 25, died yesterday, a week after he suffered a broken vertabra after being arrested by Baltimore City Police Officers near Gilmor Homes in the Sandtown-Winchester section of Baltimore.

From Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President & CEO:

“The NAACP is deeply saddened by the series of events that lead to the tragic and senseless death of Freddie Gray, another African-American man, at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve the community. Mr. Gray’s death is a grim reminder of the urgent need for criminal justice reform. This latest tragedy raises deeply troubling questions about police brutality, accountability and the excessive use of force. The people of Baltimore deserve answers and the NAACP will not stop until a full and thorough investigation into Mr. Gray’s death is conducted and justice is served. We are doubling down in our efforts to seek comprehensive criminal justice reform which is outlined in our report, Born Suspect, released late last year. We extend our sincerest thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of Freddie Gray.”