NAACP Applauds President David L. Boren’s Leadership in Staunch Repudiation of Racism in Fraternity Racist Chant Video

Baltimore, MD – In light of the video of the racist chant by a fraternity at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma’s administration’s response, the NAACP released the following statement:

From Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President & CEO:
“As the sun sets on the 50th anniversary celebration of the Selma to Montgomery march, we are reminded that attitudes of racial intolerance and structural racism are not only of the past but continue today.  We were outraged to see young people— and potentially our nation’s future teachers, police officers and judges—speak in such a cavalier and joking fashion about lynching — an act that killed almost 5,000 people, both White and Black, during one of the darkest periods in American history.  We applaud President Boren’s leadership in staunch repudiation of racism at his school and against the perpetrators of an extremely hurtful video. We call upon all college presidents and other authoritative figures to act in similar fashion when confronted with racism and other discriminatory actions on their campuses.  We commend the students, faculty, and staff who have denounced the behavior of this fraternity, but we cannot stop there. We invite them and anyone else across the country that is against racial intolerance, to stand with us in the ongoing fight against all forms of racial injustice from college campuses to our neighborhoods to our workplaces.”