My Two-Cents Worth

My Two-Cents Worth: Off-the-Wall-Talk assured of media attention

By Juanita Bratcher

It seems like it doesn’t take much to manipulate and get media attention these days even when it’s a parading circus-like atmosphere. All it takes is for someone to talk some crazy “hooba, hooba” (my made-up term) off-the-wall crazy talk and they’re essentially assured of getting media attention. Some candidates that have announced their intentions to run for President in 2012 are doing just that by the language they use. They are media opportunists who come out “shooting from the hip” and making outrageous statements in search of media attention and their 15 minutes of fame. Most of the time what they are espousing is not worthy of media attention – especially when it consists of hateful, incendiary remarks.

There was a time in this country when the media didn’t waste time on reporting circus-like atmosphere chicanery. During that time, you had to say something profound and informative to get media attention. There was no gibberish, therefore, whatever “trash talk” was made was streamlined to the individual or individuals making the statement own personal, limited audience – their social friends and acquaintances who listened to their un-profound forays, but those forays were not forced on the American public, through the media, that was interested in informative, newsworthy issues, in addition to entertainment, sports and a sprinkle of feature reporting.

As a News Reporter, Journalist, Author and Publisher, I feel that serious decisions should be made in categorizing what is news and what is not news. And that shouldn’t be hard to determine. It certainly doesn’t take in that gibberish, crazy, non-sense and off-the-wall crazy talk that is sweeping across the country inflaming mental chaos. It’s time to derail the inflow of this crazy talk in the media, and thereby, not giving stupidity a national forum. It’s time to bring sanity back through sensible dialogue.

Lately, there’s been a wide-range of non-sensible happenings reported in the news. And there are some talk show hosts who play up favorites knowing that the picture is not as bright as they claim it to be, giving hyped-up images to their viewers and readership.

Noticeably, there are some who look at the world through narrow lens…rose-colored glasses, never looking at the overall big picture blinking right before their eyes. Their focus is tied into that “little personal world” – created in their minds, but way out of step with that big, overall world that we all live in.