Master P, Cymphonique and Romeo host Essence Festival Family Day 2013

Nationwide ( — Master P and his children, Romeo and Cymphonique Miller hosted the Family Empowerment Experience at the Essence Festival, sponsored by Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Verizon. The event took place at the New Orleans Convention Center where thousands gathered being empowered and entertained by the Miller family.
The audience members were blown away by the powerful and amazing vocal performance of teen R&B superstar Cymphonique. The music mogul and his family’s message of faith, education and family values were well received.
“Some people may think of Hip Hop as being ignorant, lacking education, but we’re changing that,” says Percy Miller, he continues, “We’re breaking that negative cycle by instilling the importance of education and going to college to the next generation. My son and my daughter, they’re going to college. We’re preparing them for careers and to help them take their lives to the next level by having faith, setting goals and working hard to follow your dreams.”
Romeo, a student of the University of Southern California, commented on his educational experience while growing up, saying: “People may not have ever known, but I always went to regular school. I had to get A’s and B’s while I was making music, movies and going on tour. My dad always told me that in order to break the poverty cycle in our family and build generational wealth, it starts with education.”
Cymphonique also talked about her family telling the Essence Festival audience, “Our family’s top values are God, family and education. I’m so thankful to have my family and to be able to work in the music business with them. A lot of entertainers, especially young people get taken advantage of in this business. Since my dad has helped me to understand the necessity of attaining a higher education, my goal is not only to be successful but to make a real difference by making positive choices and helping other people with my God-given talents and abilities.”
The Millers hosted a memorable and historical event on July 4th 2013, The Essence Empowerment Experience, accompanied by special guests, policy makers, civic leaders and entertainers whose collective goal was to give our culture the tools and the knowledge to take the initiative individually and as a family to better our world.