Major Obama Fundraiser Joins Draft Biden National Finance Team

Shiva Sarram, a major fundraiser for President Barack Obama, joins the Draft Biden 2016 national finance team. This comes just a few days after Jon Cooper, another leading Obama fundraiser, signed on to be chair of their national fundraising efforts.

On joining Draft Biden 2016’s national finance team, Sarram said, “With all of the positive signs from his inner circle and the contagious momentum of the Draft Biden movement, this opportunity was too good to pass up. I’m proud to stand behind Vice President Biden and help out now and we will be ready to launch major efforts out of the gate the moment he announces his decision.”

“When I look at the current field of Democratic candidates, I’m hungry for the energy I felt during the Obama campaign. I also want a candidate who can best carry on the policies and legacy of this Administration that we all worked so hard for,” Sarram explained. She further added, “Joe Biden is motivated not by his own personal ambition, political gain or a quest for the spotlight but rather by a genuine desire to serve. He will lead us in an honest and thoughtful way.”

Sarram, who runs a non-profit foundation supporting war-affected children around the globe and lives with her family in Connecticut, is well known in fundraising circles for hosting an event that raised nearly $400,000 for President Obama’s campaign at a single luncheon in 2008. Many political veterans still describe that event as one of the best executed of that year.