ISBE to Rebate School Districts for National School Lunch Program Expenses

About $2.4 million available for warehousing and delivery services

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Members of the State Board of Education approved the rebate of up to $2.4 million to school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). The funds will cover warehousing and delivery service expenses.

“We are proud to administer the National School Lunch Program, as it plays an important role in our schools,” said State Board of Education Chairman James T. Meeks. “The rebates will be a direct benefit for all Illinois schools participating in the National School Lunch Program, which helps our students prepare for learning in classrooms across the state.”

Money for the rebates will come from administrative funds provided to Illinois by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the National School Lunch Program. After expected final approvals, this will be the second year these Federal State Administrative Expense funds will be used to provide rebates to school districts for NSLP warehousing and delivery service expenses incurred during the school year.

Last year, $2.1 million was rebated to 1,064 National School Lunch Program participants, which include public and private schools and residential child care institutions. This resulted in rebating school districts 82 percent of the $2,538,260 spent by participants on NSLP warehousing and delivery services. For this school year, ISBE projects an increase in the rebate coverage.

In the 2014-15 school year, there were 1,120 participants in the National School Lunch Program. The NSLP is a voluntary program available to all public schools, private schools, and residential child care institutions that agree to operate a non-profit program offering lunches meeting federal requirements to all children in attendance.