Illinois State Board of Education Announces Jan. 6 Board Meeting Via Video Conference in Springfield and Chicago

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will convene for a regular business meeting via video conference on Jan. 6 at the ISBE offices in Springfield and Chicago.

All State Board of Education meetings listed on this agenda will be accessible to persons with disabilities. Persons planning to attend who need special accommodations should contact the Board office no later than one day prior to the meeting. Contact the Superintendent’s office at the State Board of Education by phone at (217) 782-2221; TTY/TDD at (217) 782-1900; or fax at (217) 785-3972.

Chairman Meeks may call for a break in the meeting as necessary in order for the Board to go into closed session.


State Board of Education Meeting

Jan. 6, 2016


Springfield Location:  ISBE Video Conference Room, third floor, 100 N. First St.

Chicago Location:  ISBE Video Conference Room, 14th floor, 100 W. Randolph St.


This meeting will also be audio cast on the Internet at


10:30 a.m.


I.      Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance

A.    Consideration of and Possible Actions on Any Requests for Participation in Meeting by Other Means                     

II.    Public Participation

III.   Resolutions & Recognition

A. Year of the Volunteer

IV.  Presentations & Updates

A. Student Advisory Council Update

V.      FY17 Budget Discussion                                                                                     

VI.  Superintendent’s Report – Consent Agenda

A. *Approval of Minutes

                1. Plenary Minutes: December 16, 2015B. *Rules for Adoption

            1. Part 1 (Public Schools Evaluation, Recognition and Supervision) Responds to two public acts: The first adds opioid antagonist to the medications that can be administered in an emergency situation by school nurses and other trained personnel (P.A. 99-480, effective September 9, 2015) and the other creates the educator license with stipulations endorsed for chief school business official (P.A. 99-58, effective July 16, 2015). No public comment was received.

            2. Part 25 (Educator Licensure) Makes numerous updates in response to recently enacted legislation that address requirements for certain educator licenses, alternative educator programs, and renewal, as well as proposes other updates and clarifications.  Three letters of public comment were received and no changes are being proposed in response.

            3. Part 425 (Voluntary Registration and Recognition of Nonpublic Schools) Responds to two public acts regarding the use of undesignated epinephrine auto-injectors and opioid antagonists and concussion policies (P.A. 99-480, effective September 9, 2015, and P.A. 99-245, effective August 3, 2015, respectively). No public comment was received.

4. Part 525 (Regional Offices of Education and Intermediate services) Aligns the rule to P.A. 99-30, effective July 10, 2015, which eliminated a requirement for the 10 smallest ROEs to work with a larger office in the delivery of services and program authorized under Section 2-3.62 of the School Code. No public comment was received.

C. *Draft Annual Report

End of Consent Agenda

VII. Discussion Items

          A. District Oversight Update

          B. Legislative Update

          C. Other Items for Discussion

VIII. FY17 Budget Recommendation

IX. Announcements & Reports                                                                                 

A. Superintendent’s/Senior Staff Announcements

B. Chairman’s Report

C. Member Reports

X.      Information Items

1.    ISBE Fiscal & Administrative Monthly Reports (available online at

XI.     Closed Session (as needed)

XII.   Adjourn