Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Claims Victory for Child Care Funding Rule Reversal

In January, Senator Emil Jones III and Representative LaShawn Ford filed Senate Bill 105, which would have appropriated funds to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). Since the legislation was introduced, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus has been leading the charge to ensure child care funding is available for families throughout Illinois. CCAP provides access to affordable child care for more than 179,000 children throughout the state, giving working parents a hand with the exorbitant, ever-increasing cost of child care.
Recently, Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth and Senator Toi Hutchinson struck a deal with the governor to roll back his emergency rule to allow families who previously qualified to be eligible again. On July 1st governor used an emergency rule making process to establish new eligibility requirements that left out an estimated 90 percent of new applicants
Below is a statement from Assistant Majority Leader and Chairman of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Kimberly A. Lightford who applauded the consistency and steadfastness of members in the Black Caucus who laid the groundwork for this compromise:
“I applaud all the members of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus who stood with working families throughout Illinois and fought tirelessly so we could get funding for CCAP restored. Today, we celebrate a victory for 70,000 children who were displaced, the working parents who were left with few options and countless providers who were forced to lay off staff and in some cases shut down operations. Senator Hutchinson and Representative Gordon-Booth spearheaded the effort and compromised in a very contentious political environment. They didn’t let anything stop them and kept the promises they made to concerned parents and providers – they delivered. The compromise will potentially save the lives of children who were forcibly left unsupervised. I would also like to apologize to the affected families. The Illinois legislative Black Caucus made your issue a top priority and we never walked away for the bargaining table, which led us to getting funding restored. Our collective voices were heard, and we look forward to continue fighting for underrepresented populations.”