Illinois GOP unveils ballot for 2011 “Pre-Presidential” Straw Poll

Poll will take place in all 102 counties

Springfield, IL – In front of hundreds of GOP faithful at Republican Day at the State Fair, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady unveiled the ballot for the November 5, 2011 “Pre-Presidential Primary” straw poll for Republican voters in Illinois. The poll will occur one year and a day before the 2012 Presidential Election.

The ballot has been approved by the party’s State Central Committee, and October 1 is the deadline for any changes to the ballot.

“We believe this straw poll will generate excitement among not only presidential contenders but also grassroots Republican leaders in Illinois,” said Brady. “The Iowa Straw Poll marks a turning point in the run-up to the presidential elections and we hope to generate that same kind of enthusiasm here in Illinois.”

“I can think of no better state in the union to hold a Republican straw poll than right here in Illinois, where we continue to suffer a double-whammy of living under Barack Obama’s failed big-government policies along with the fiscal mismanagement of local Democrats,” added Brady.

Participation in the Illinois GOP Straw Poll will be free of charge to candidates, and will be a statewide effort including all 102 counties, providing the option of both e-voting and traditional paper ballots. Candidates must meet several requirements to participate in the balloting.