ILGOP Chairman’s Update: Momentum in 2014 — Marching Toward Victory

From Chairman Jack Dorgan

April was a big month for the Illinois Republican Party, with some major accomplishments in our battle to take back Illinois. With your help and continued support, our best days are still ahead of us — for our party, and for our state.

Major Trouble for Gov. Quinn

In April, we saw the beginnings of what very well could be Gov. Quinn’s ultimate unraveling.

As you may remember, Quinn was stung by a “blistering” audit of a program he launched on the eve of the 2010 election, where he distributed more than $50 million in taxpayer money to his political allies. Earlier this week, it came to light that the Cook County State’s Attorney filed a grand jury subpoena for records and communications related to the program – a major development in the race and a sign of major trouble ahead for Gov. Quinn.

Remember, Quinn is going to rely on every possible side issue and distraction to avoid talking about the disastrous economy he’s overseen in Illinois.

But even that strategy blew up in his face last month: his campaign was caught trying to delete a tweet that referred to an article comparing “black voters supporting Quinn’s Republican challenger, Bruce Rauner, to Jewish people collaborating with the Nazis during World War II against their own people.” His campaign drew major criticism from Jewish leaders and a national audience.

It’s starting to look like no matter where he tries to turn, proof of his incompetence as governor and inability to lead are as clear as day.

Illinois Republicans Elect Local, Statewide Leaders

Last month, many of you took the time to help choose our party leaders at the county and state level. On April 17, each of Illinois’s 102 counties held their local county conventions, to choose their party leaders, and elect the members of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee.

The State Central Committee is the governing body of the Illinois Republican Party, made up of one member from each of Illinois’s 18 Congressional Districts, elected to four-year terms. SCC members vote to elect the party Chairman, serve on committees aimed at advancing the party and electing Republicans throughout the state, and provide critical guidance and insight. The full list of committee members can be found on our website.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Republican Party, I would urge you to get in touch with (and get to know) your representative on the SCC. Their experience, and their leadership, are going to be key in moving our party forward in the days ahead.

Dismal Polls for Gov. Quinn, and for Illinois

Earlier in April, a poll by Gravis Marketing found that Bruce Rauner has taken an early lead over Gov. Pat Quinn, by a margin of 43 percent to 35 percent. A week later, a Rasmussen survey showed Rauner with a three-point lead, 43-40. Quinn consistently polls as one of the least popular governors in the country, with disapproval ratings above 50 percent.

But much more embarrassing numbers for Gov. Quinn were yet to come, showing the real state of Illinois voters’ dissatisfaction and anger.

According to a Gallup poll, Illinois is No. 1 in residents who say their state is the “worst possible state to live in.” A full 25% of Illinoisans believe our state is the worst in the country – higher than any other state.

And that’s not all: Gallup also showed that a full 50 percent of Illinois residents would leave our state if they had the chance. Again, more than every other state in the country.

If that’s not a sign of failed leadership, I don’t know what is.

Upcoming ILGOP Events: Will You Be There?

This upcoming Monday, May 5, the Illinois Republican Party is pleased to host two special fundraising events, and you’re invited to both!

  • A special VIP luncheon with Ambassador John Bolton, held in Chicago at 12:30 p.m. The cost is $250 for individuals, and $500 for sponsors. The invitation can be found here, along with contact info to RSVP.
  • A Cinco de Mayo fundraising dinner event, from 5pm to 8pm in Chicago. The cost is $50 for individuals, and $250 for supporters. Click here for the invitation, additional details, and to RSVP.

I can’t wait to see you there!

More Bad News for Quinn’s Economy – and Obama’s

Every month that goes by, we get another piece of bad news for the state of jobs and our economy under Gov. Pat Quinn and the Democrats.

According to federal labor statistics, Illinois now has the third-worst jobless rate of any state in the country, at 8.4 percent. That’s nearly two points higher than the national jobless rate of 6.7 percent, and higher than each of our neighbors – by far.

A regional report in the past week highlighted that comparative struggle for Illinois among Midwest states, lagging behind our neighboring states even though we have similar fundamentals and challenges. The basic fact remains true: our neighboring states have managed to outpace us in recovery and jobs – and they’ve managed to balance their budgets and hold the line on taxes.

And our dismal comparison to the national average is nothing to crow about either – Obama’s economy is continuing to struggle in its recovery. The growth of the U.S. economy slowed to a dismal 0.1 percent rate in the first quarter of 2014. That’s well below the standard for economic recovery.

Worse yet, signs are that by the end of this year, China will officially pass the U.S. as the world’s largest economy. Sadly, that will be the true legacy of Obama’s presidency.

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Capitol Update – Springfield

Here’s something we don’t hear much of from Democrat-controlled Springfield: good news for a change. This week, the clock ran out on the Democrats’ attempt to pass a progressive income tax hike on 90% of Illinois taxpayers – a small victory for the already overburdened taxpayers.

It was more a result of the timeline of the legislative calendar than of the Democrats’ lack of desire, of course. And like all bad ideas, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this one.

But neither does that mean that the taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief: Gov. Quinn and his Democrat allies are still set on making the largest tax hike in Illinois history permanent – the job-killing 67% income tax hike. That’s the equivalent of a full week of your salary, straight to the state government to spend as they please… each and every year from now on.

Dold, Davis Make “Key Races to Watch” List

As you know, the fight to keep control of the U.S. House of Representatives will be fought on Illinois soil.

CNN’s list of “Key Races to Watch in 2014” includes two “Up For Grabs” seats in Illinois: the 10th CD race between Rep. Brad Schneider (D) and Bob Dold (R), and the 13th CD race between Rep. Rodney Davis (R) and Ann Callis (D).

Last month, Stu Rothenberg’s widely watched political report moved the Dold race from “Leans Democrat” to “Tossup” – a major sign of GOP momentum.

GOP Momentum

Nationally, 2010 was a good year to be a Republican. And poll numbers are starting to shape up even better for Republicans in 2014. A recent poll showed the GOP up three points on the generic ballot, President Obama’s approval near his lowest levels, and Independent voters opposing ObamaCare by more than 2-to-1.

And even better, enthusiasm in young voters is tilting toward Republicans in a big way! A national survey of 18-29 year olds showed that 44 percent of young voters who supported Mitt Romney “definitely” plan to vote in 2014, compared to only 35 percent of voters who supported President Obama.

Let’s keep the momentum going all the way to November!

National Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte Leading the Way

In case you missed it, Republican National Committee Secretary Demetra DeMonte of Pekin has been firing up Republican voters throughout Illinois and throughout the country.

DeMonte highlighted the incredible potential in Illinois of winning two critical races: the governor’s race with Bruce Rauner, and the U.S. Senate race with Jim Oberweis.

At a recent address in Springfield, Demetra pointed to the keys to victory in each race: for Rauner, his business acumen and team-building skills, as well as his role as an outsider, and for Oberweis, working hard and getting his soldiers on the ground.

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