House Committee Approves Dunkin Legislation Fighting Discriminatory Employment Practices

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois State Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago, passed a bill out of a House committee this week that will help protect minority workers from discrimination by temporary service agencies.

“Across the country, minority workers continue to be underemployed, and something needs to be done about it,” Dunkin said. “With this bill, I am working to fight discrimination that continues to plague the job market.”

Temporary employment agencies are currently required to keep records containing the race and gender of all the laborers they hire and make them available to the Department of Labor, however they are not required to keep these records for people who apply but are not hired. Dunkin is sponsoring Senate Bill 47, which addresses the problem by requiring agencies to keep records on the race, ethnicity and gender of all applicants in order to show how many minority applicants are turned away. The records must be made available to the Department of Human Rights in addition to the Department of Labor.

“Jobs should go to the best applicant, regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity, but right now we have no way of making sure that happens,” Dunkin said. “This bill will provide transparency into the hiring practices of temp agencies and help incentivize fair employment practices.”