Former House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Activist Teri Hawks Goodmann to Serve as Iowa Draft Biden Co-Chairs

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Iowa – Draft Biden announced today that former Iowa House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Activist Teri Hawks Goodmann will serve as the Co-Chairs of the Iowa Draft Biden movement.

“Vice President Joe Biden is the real deal,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy. “He would bring an unmatched combination of authenticity and electability to an electorate on both sides that is clearly craving the former, but also deserving of the latter.”

Teri Hawks Goodmann noted, “Joe Biden is the most qualified person for this job. Beyond the qualifications, he has the compassion, wisdom, and resilience required to be President of the United States.”

In addition to McCarthy and Goodmann, the following elected and formally elected officials will join Draft Biden as key committee members:

Rep. Jim Lykam, Scott County
Rep. Bruce Hunter, Polk County
Sen. Tony Bisignano, Polk County
Rep. Dennis Cohoon, Des Moines County
Mary Maloney, Polk County Treasurer
Denise Dolan, Dubuque County Auditor
Kathy Thurlow, Former Dubuque County Recorder
Rep. Mary Gaskill, Wapello County
Rep. Lisa Heddens, Story County
Former Rep. Mike Reasoner, Union/Clark/Decatur Counties
Former Rep. Doris Kelley, Blackhawk County
Former Rep. Dick Taylor, Linn County
Sen. Joe Seng, Scott County

Draft Biden has also announced the hiring of an experienced team to lead the Draft effort. The following veteran political organizers will be joining the Draft Biden team in Iowa:

Ellen Goodmann Miller, State Director. Ellen is a community organizer and consultant from Dubuque, Iowa. She previously worked as a regional Field Director for the 2007 Biden for President campaign. In addition to leading fundraising efforts for before/after-school programs for at-risk youth, she collaborates with a variety of community organizations to promote arts, education, and service.

Jackson Sump, Regional Field Organizer. Jackson most recently served as IT Director for the Douglas County Democratic Party, while finishing his degree in Political Science at the University of Kansas. Previously, he worked as the Deputy Field Director for Margie Wakefield’s campaign in Kansas and as an Iowa volunteer on the Biden for President campaign.
Background: The Draft Biden SuperPAC is an effort to increase momentum and support for Vice President Biden should he decide to enter the race for president. Over the past few weeks, the Vice President has given numerous signs that he is seriously considering making a bid for the White House. The Draft Biden SuperPAC is currently working to build the infrastructure and recruit the support the Vice President would need should he launch a campaign. Well over 200,000 Americans have signed a petition to ask the Vice President to run.

About Kevin McCarthy: McCarthy serves as First Assistant Attorney General in the Iowa Attorney General’s Office. Prior to returning to the Attorney General’s Office in 2013, Kevin served for eleven years in the Iowa House of Representatives, the last seven as Majority Leader (2006 – 2010) and Minority Leader (2010 – 2013). Kevin was also Iowa State Director for United States Senator Joe Lieberman’s 2004 Iowa Caucus presidential campaign and later as a Chair of United States Senator Joe Biden’s 2008 Iowa presidential effort.

About Teri Hawks Goodmann: Goodmann worked for more than sixteen years as a political campaign manager and consultant, working with campaigns for city, county, state legislative, congressional and presidential campaigns. In addition, she has led riverfront development efforts in Dubuque Iowa and serves as a trustee of Clarke University, Dubuque, Iowa and for the National Waterways Foundation. She is a member of the Dubuque County Magistrate Appointing Committee.

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