First Ridin’ With Biden Ad Hits the Web

Draft Biden 2016 has released its first digital advertisement highlighting a few of the many reasons people are urging the Vice President to consider a run for President. The release comes just one day before the group’s National Day of Action where gatherings throughout the country will be held to encourage the Vice President to enter the 2016 presidential race.

The video touches on a number of policy issues the Vice President has championed, including gay rights and the “It’s on Us” campaign. One supporter says, “An issue that Joe Biden really spoke out about since the beginning was gay rights. He was always for the LGBT community, and we’re very happy that we have a Vice President like Joe Biden to support the Supreme Court in their ruling.”

“He is right now a part of one of the most influential administrations this country has seen in recent history, and he’s a big reason for that success,” says another supporter.