Expand Early Voting to 20 Days Nationwide: Sign Your Name

Hillary Clinton just proposed a bold plan to combat Republican attacks on voting rights by expanding early voting nationwide.

Join Julia in urging Congress to expand early voting nationwide >>

Voting is one of the most sacred rights held by Americans. But some politicians find chipping away at voting access their top priority.

In California, we’re lucky to enjoy expansive access to the polls, including several days of Early Voting. But in other states, Republicans are trying to tip the scales in their favor by cutting off access to the polls.

Julia believes everyone who is eligible to vote should be allowed to cast their ballot — that’s why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton’s plan to expand early voting to 20 days nationwide.

Will you join Julia and urge Congress to expand early voting?

Early voting is critical for those who may not be able to make it to the polls on Election Day, including many seniors and working families.

By opening up for Early Voting, polling locations are less likely to be crowded and we can avoid long lines on Election Day.

Let’s make sure everyone can follow California’s lead and vote early! Sign your name now:



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