Draft Biden 2016 To Attend South Carolina Democratic Convention

Organization efforts moving forward in South Carolina

Draft Biden 2016’s executive director, Will Pierce, will be attending the South Carolina Democratic Convention this upcoming Saturday, April 25, as well as the Jefferson-Jackson dinner the night before. Draft Biden 2016 is organized to draft the Vice President into the 2016 Presidential race.

“I’m thrilled to attend and to meet some of our South Carolina supporters in person,” Pierce said. “The groundswell of support we’re seeing for the Vice President is beyond encouraging.”

South Carolina is one of the three key states Draft Biden 2016 is concentrating efforts on. They plan to open field offices in each state and place a team on the ground to organize volunteer mobilization and voter outreach.

“We’ve hit the ground running building up support in these key states and now it’s just a matter of plugging in the various pieces,” Pierce continued. “It’s hard to overestimate how important South Carolina is to our efforts. We really want to build a great structure for the Vice President there.”

The South Carolina Democratic Convention will be held at the Columbia Metropolitan Center in Columbia on April 25. The Jefferson-Jackson dinner is also at the Columbia Metropolitan Center on April 24. The South Carolina primary for the 2016 Democratic nomination is tentatively scheduled for February 13, 2016.