Dr. Maya Angelou talks parenting, motherhood and education in an enlightening new interview with BECCASTONE.COM



Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) — In recognition of Black History Month, BeccaStone.com had the great privilege of speaking with Dr. Maya Angelou, one of the literary giants and artistic treasures of our time. Dr. Angelou shared her thoughts on parenting, motherhood, education and lessons she learned as a child. Check out these must-read excerpts from BeccaStone.com founder Stephanie Phillipps’ chat with Dr. Angelou and then head over to www.beccastone.com for the full interview!

On learning the difference between being lovable vs. likable:

“My mother explained how lovable I was, maybe not so likable, but lovable. Sometimes my temper had to be controlled when I was young, but she told me I could control anything about myself and remain lovable.”

On becoming a teen mom at age 16:

“When my mother found out I was pregnant, she asked if I knew who the father was. I said that I slept with him one time. She asked me, ‘Do you love him.’ I said ‘No.’ She asked, ‘Does he love you?,’ and I said ‘No.’ In that case, she said, I will not ruin 3 lives. She did not put me down at any time and she loved my son. My mother liberated me to life by helping me to realize that I could raise my son.”

On the importance of educating children:

“My grandmother gave me one order that was two pronged: When you get, give. When you learn, teach. I’m every child’s teacher. I’ll stop at any time with anybody. Give the child enough education — education is imperative. And let them know that you’re always there, but don’t hold them in the house. Let them go. Encourage them to be self-reliant. Give them self-respect.

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Photo Caption: Maya Angelou