Dear Lord: Please have mercy on these Not-So-United States!

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 Racism in these Not-So-United-States has become so blatant that it now smells to the high heavens


By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Founder & President of Probation Challenge


I once again hasten to point out that we have to be careful who we touch, when God has with His wisdom stated: Touch not my anointed and do him no harm.

I then ask the question: Is racism wrong accordant to the law of this land? And if so, why are some political lawmakers who should lead my example, displaying hard-core hatred for President Barrack Obama who has substantial proposals for the poor and middle class than any previous administration? Is it perhaps because of his brilliance, and that these offerings (proposals) are offered by a Black man? All of this smacks of racism to the highest degree!

Total Disrespect: Is it because President Barack Obama is an African American, and the reason why some in politics call him a Boy? This is a demeaning word that was used in the past to address coloreds and/or Negroes… and now used openly in this 21st Century. This smacks of past and present racism!

Other adjectives and disrespectful overtones are used by some Republican leaders such as: “You lie,” coming from the gallery floor as the President gave an address. Yet another said, “Request that you die.”  Another, in the person of Kansas GOP House Speaker who stated, “I pray that Obama’s children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”  This is shameful!  How could a man of his status utter such disrespectful words?  And, would you believe later have the mindset to apologize? Why would a person apologize when in-fact the statement came from the heart?

Then comes along a Republican white woman, who had the blatant nerve to revisit past segregation habits when “Colored persons” could not look in the eyes of  a white woman and had to step off the pavement and into the streets to allow her to past. This woman in the presence of a core of reporters put her finger in the face of the President of the United States to admonish him! This would have never, ever been done to anyone in past administrations – not to President Reagan or to either of the Presidents Bush. They would not have tolerated such behavior!

Total disrespect has come into play in some camps and the boxing-gloves are off to hit as hard as can … A Black President.

The record of this president, after inheriting the past ‘Bush’ Administration’s mismanagements, show that we are far better than expected by the Republicans with unemployment going down and hiring on the increase! The car manufacturing companies are pleased! Wall Street is turning around with resistance at hand.

Nations around the world have respect for this man now sitting in the ‘White-House’ but some here in the US have taken off the White KKK garments and now have put on suits and dresses.

Those who are God-fearing persons are aware of the political games and of the efforts to take this country back to where it ‘used to be’ …  and it wasn’t a good place to be for Coloreds, Blacks or for that matter African-Americans… the skin color troubles, some as in the games of yesterday. Note that the old biased games are now played out in new clothing.

Once again, I warn those Washington, DC persons who attend Church each Sunday that we must obey the precepts of God and not man; for if you touch President Obama physically or otherwise, you then stand in violation of the law of God. I remind you that God is not a man to lie to us… Vengeance is the Lord.

At a time when jails and prisons are filled to capacity with African-Americans and Hispanics, such despicable behavior coming from the Capitol merely tells taxpayers that everybody that should go the jail is not there yet. Such demoralizing demeanor in Congress tells us that there is a ‘dark cloud’ hovering over these folk with the vengeance of God at hand.

In my 49-years of instructing youth to obey those who have the rule over them, which is set-forth via the scriptures, I now ponder and wonder if I did right! Answer: Yes, I obeyed when it said ‘obey the laws of the land’ and ‘obey’ those persons having the rule over me!  However, I hasten to point out that many people now sitting in Congress don’t turn the pages of the Bible, and perhaps serve a different God. I suggest they read what says the Lord, rather than what says GOP Leaders.

Nonetheless, I am fully aware that all Republicans and some Democrats are not in agreement with the President. But again, the Bible says: Come let us reason together!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, Founder and President of Probation Challenge WWW.ProbationChallenge.Org ‘The Truth Network’


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