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CHICAGO, IL – In a rare, candid one-on-one exciting interview with Noted Journalist Juanita Bratcher, Rev. Harold E. Bailey gives stark, revealing revelations about the true cause of violence in Chicago.

Bailey, Founder & President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Internet Broadcast, reveals “the true cause of violence in Chicago” and speaks blatantly about false pretenses set forth by some local politicians.

Bailey’s interview is filled with stark revelations about matters generally whispered but he said it is time to inform the public as to the true cause of violence to make them aware and alarmed.

Bratcher, Editor & Publisher of CopyLine Magazine, brings out the best information ever in this tell-all interview with Bailey.

Bailey, a former Probation Officer and former Chairman of the Cook County Board of Corrections, is gearing up for his 34th Annual yearly event, “The Portrait of Achievers Awards,” which he says will be the best ever, with entertainment provided by the famous Chi-Lites and the famous Barrett Sisters.

Calling crime a major problem in Chicago, Bailey made a comparison to crime in 1979 when he started the Probation Challenge program to that of the current crime status in Chicago today.

“Crime is far worse,” said Bailey. “It is becoming increasingly worse and it will get even worse.”

Probation Challenge has always been about giving and helping young people who made stumbles in life – finding themselves bottled up in the criminal justice system. The program helps them to get back on the right track through education and training. The organization’s motto has always been “Everybody deserves a second chance.”

“God doesn’t take you backwards but takes you forward,” Bailey said, noting that he still goes down in his own pocket – same as when he first started the Probation Challenge Program – to keep the program available for “our young folks.”

However, Bailey points out that his program was an assignment from God, a mission to help young people. “God told me to do it,” he acknowledged.

Looking back over the many years of Probation Challenge, Bailey noted that his program was successful on campus and with young folks in the program. And he got much joy from working with them.

Nonetheless, there were very few politicians or ministers that came to his support or defense in helping him with the program. But he was quick to name those who saw excellence in the program’s purpose and reached out to help. Those were Appellate Court Justice R. Eugene Pincham, Mayor Harold Washington, Cook County Board President John Stroger, Judge William Cousins, former State Senator Howard Brookins, and State Rep. Carol Moseley Braun prior to becoming U.S. Senator.

But Bailey did encounter many struggles with the program after the deaths of Mayor Washington and Appellate Judge Pincham. In conversation with Bailey, Washington said if it was proven that the Probation Challenge concept could work, he would put it throughout City Colleges of Chicago.

“After he closed his eyes (death), I trembled,” Bailey said. “But I still had Judge Pincham. But after Pincham was gone, it was the end of my program on campus. I wondered, ‘What have I done wrong?’…I didn’t want my flock to be scattered…and tears fell upon my heart.”   

You don’t want to miss this up-close, candid and personal interview with Bailey.

For more information, contact Rev. Bailey at (773) 978-3706.

Photo Caption: Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Internet Broadcast Network