Chicago Immigrants Denounce City Complicity in Deportations

Group begins campaign for accountability, points to the disproportionate placement of DUI checkpoints in Latino communities as anti-immigrant and contrary to the city of Chicago’s commitment to be a Sanctuary city for immigrants.

Although it calls itself immigrant-friendly, the city of Chicago actively aids and abets deportations through the racialized placement of DUI checkpoints. This is why on Monday, June 8, residents and local members of the undocumented community convened at City Hall to announce the launch of a campaign against the city’s racist policing and the criminalization of immigrant communities.

“84% of all DUI checkpoints are placed in African-American and Latino neighborhoods, despite that statistics show that driving under the influence happens at similar rates across race and predominantly white neighborhoods. By targeting Latino neighborhoods, Chicago police is not only being prejudiced, it’s also engaging in anti-immigrant behavior and abetting deportations,” Martin Unzueta, OCAD member.

“Driving under the influence is a serious public health issue, but deporting an individual who has made a mistake and who has tried to make up for it, does not make communities safer. If I had been deported for my DUI from several years ago, the only thing that would have been achieved is leaving my family without my support,” Felipe Diosdado, OCAD member with a DUI who has fought his deportation.

“The City of Chicago must address its responsibility when it comes to its role in putting immigrants in the path to deportation. As long as Latino communities are over-policed, immigrants cannot feel fully welcomed in Chicago,” Rosi Carrasco, OCAD organizer.

Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD) invites members of the community to a community forum on June 11th, at 6:30 PM, at Universidad Popular (2801 S. Hamlin).Community members are invited to dialogue on the effect that police targeting tactics have on immigrant communities, what changes must occur, and how we can begin to work to bring about these necessary changes.

Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD) is a Chicago-based, undocumented led, community group organizing against immigration detention and deportation